Summer activities with attractions. The kids went on a world tour

July 25, 2022

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Summer activities for children were organized in Paterek # from 11 to 22 July.

Numerous attractions awaited the participants during the daily meetings. The first task was to get to know each other and remember their names. Integration games led by Ms. Maria Frankiewicz, who caused a lot of emotions and a lot of laughter, helped with this. The main task was to make my own portrait of the reflection in the mirror.

Because vacation is first and foremost travel, we decided to take all the children on a world trip. We have visited 6 continents. The task of individual groups was to create a map of the continent and one of the countries that lie on it. After the necessary information about them was found in the library, special guides were made, painted on large sheets of gray paper. This taught everyone what the Chinese delicacy is, what the most famous animal in Mexico is, what the Spaniards are proud of, what is grown in Peru, what Egypt is known for and where the koala lives. One of the participants in the holiday games – Bazyli, wearing an original poncho and a hat from Peru, presented castanets and papyrus to everyone. The summary of the holiday trip was the preparation by the participants of a postcard with the country they presented on their maps.

To keep everyone busy, Mr. Paweł Pałubicki – head of WDK prepared sports competitions that brought a lot of emotions.

But thanks to the field game “Jak z fairy”, as well as riddles and a fairy tale quiz, everyone felt like in a fairy tale.

The next day, Anastazja and Marcel officially opened the “Traveling Book Corner”. What is that? Well, a bookcrossing rack has been set up in WDK that all residents of Paterka and anyone who likes to read can use.

The activities where the children learned the words in the dialect of Pałucka and Krajina generated a lot of laughter. In particular the fragment of “Little Red Riding Hood” in dialect.

The week of the summer gatherings culminated in a trip to the cinema to watch the movie “Minions Enter Gru”.

The second week of the summer meetings caused more emotions. During the craft classes, decorative gift bags made of colored felt and three-dimensional butterflies were made. Another challenge was playing florist. The flowers and herbs collected from the surrounding meadows were used to create beautiful compositions, arranged in an oasis vessel.

In order not to run out of strength for further games under the watchful eye of Mrs. Joanna Makowczyńska – WDK instructor, Amelia and Jowita became cooks. The main task was to prepare bubble waffles. Of course they succeeded. Especially the one with whipped cream. After gaining power, the following tasks were a great pleasure.

Beautiful writing is a rarity these days, but it can be practiced. Therefore, the next task was to practice calligraphy. Participants could learn to write their name in beautiful English in italics. But everyone presented their artistic talent while painting with paint and drawing with pastels. All works created during the classes were presented in the “Library Gallery”. They can be viewed until the end of August.

This year’s summer gatherings for children in Paterek were jointly organized by the Cultural Village Center and the Library in Paterek.

material: Katarzyna Hass / PiMP in Nakło

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