Rain showers pass through Poland. Flooded houses and cellars, flooded streets

Poland has to deal with heavy rains, sometimes accompanied by lightning strikes. It rained heavily on Saturday, especially in the south of the country. In Silesia, firefighters intervened more than 70 times, thousands of inhabitants had no electricity. At Contact 24 we receive photos and recordings of the current weather situation.

On Saturday, part of Poland was within range of the cloudy and rainy lowlands, along with the system of atmospheric fronts. There were also thunderstorms in some places, including the Subcarpathians, the Lublin region, the Świętokrzyska Land and Lesser Poland. On Sunday, almost the entire country was covered in rain.

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The fire brigade registered 430 interventions on Saturday due to extreme weather.

– The main activities concerned the removal of flooding from streets and buildings. We have also had interventions regarding fallen trees and broken branches – said the spokesman for the chief commander of the brigade of the State Fire Brigade. Karol Kierzkowski.

According to the firefighter, most of the interventions – 100 – were in the province. Lower Silesia.
– 70 interventions were in Śląskie Voivodeship, 55 in Podkarpackie Voivodeship, about 30 in Lubelskie, Łódzkie and Mazowieckie Voivodeship – he said.

A spokesman for the chief commander of the State Fire Brigade said the interventions also related to “fallen trees, broken branches”. “You could say it was fairly quiet,” he commented. He added that “there were no injuries and no damage to the buildings.”

Power outages in the province. Lodz Province

More than 2,700 customers are without electricity after power lines are broken due to strong winds, accompanied locally with heavy rains that will sweep across Łódź Voivodeship from Saturday.

– There are 2,780 farms without electricity in the entire Voivodeship. Most – 2,312 – in the Łowicz region, where the power line was interrupted by broken tree branches. Heavy rain has been pouring over the region since Saturday, but so far there is no risk of major flooding or flooding. The fire brigade intervened in individual cases – said Cezary Zarzycki on duty at the Provincial Crisis Management Center in Łódź.

Broken trees, flooded cellars in Świętokrzyskie

Broken trees on roads, flooded buildings – this is the result of heavy rainfall that hit the więtokrzyskie region. They were accompanied by thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind.

Since Saturday, firefighters from Świętokrzyskie province have intervened 15 times in connection with heavy rainfall, high winds and storms, said priest Marcin Fudalej of the provincial rescue coordination of the state fire brigade in Kielce.

“We have removed broken tree branches from roads eight times and in seven cases we have pumped water from flooded basements and rooms,” the firefighter said.
The largest number of interventions was in the Sandomierz poviat, where it rained the most.

It was also dangerous in Mazovia

We have recorded about 25 minor events related to the weather situation in the Leipziger Poviat – said Brig. Rafał Gołębiewski of the Headquarters of the State Fire Brigade in Masovia Voivodeship. As he added, the events were the result of “quite strong rain and wind.”

– There were floods, floods, the pumping of water from properties and houses – explained the young bird of prey. Michał Kucharski of the district headquarters of the state fire brigade in Leipzig. He also reported that “these were minor events that the Lipski district guards handled on their own.” – TSO units also frequented the events – he pointed out.

When asked about the weather situation in Warsaw and Mazovia, Gołębiewski said the firefighters had no information about extreme or dangerous situations requiring intervention. No one hurt. He added that the intense rain had stopped.

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