“God’s Love Exists and I Found It”

“True love exists in the world, we just need to focus on the light to see it fully,” said Giusy Buscemi, Miss Italy.

Emerald, magnetic eyes and golden curls, career in the hottest TV series and model fame. Giusy Buscemi, only twenty-four years old, is one of the most popular Italian actresses. No one expected her to talk about faith, listing values ​​that matter to her, saints she loves, and prayers she says with absolute naturalness.

“I don’t talk about it in public very often because I don’t want my faith to be instrumentalized,” she says. “I don’t hide it, though, and if anyone asks me questions about my Christianity, I’m happy to answer them.”

Miss Italy about her faith

Giusy captivated millions of viewers with her gentle way of being, a mixture of sweetness and tenacity. She was crowned most beautiful in Italy and is now one of the queens of the small screen. However, she stands firmly on the ground, and one of the best memories she cherishes of the years she spent in Sicily before she achieved success are catechetical meetings: “I taught children who were preparing to receive the First Saint Communion,” she recalls. “I come from a Catholic family that passed on the faith to me. I, in turn, attended catechesis until Confirmation. Then I trained for two years to teach children. Would I do it again? Yes of course! I was very young at the time and enjoyed being a teacher. Having experienced my spiritual guidance in Rome, where I live, I now feel better prepared, with a new awareness.”

As he adds, he has many actors he knows with whom he discusses and thinks about God. “These are private gatherings that are not mentioned in the newspapers, but they do not happen infrequently, on the contrary …”.

Currently, he and his fiancé are preparing for marriage.

The new face of the church

For 19 years she spent her days in Menfi, a fascinating town in Sicily, steeped in history and reaching the Mediterranean Sea, with intriguing shifting dunes of fine pale sand. “I had a childhood like many of my peers,” she recalls.

“High school, dancing, catechesis, many friends … Then, after graduating from school, I made my own way and tried different options: I applied for admission to different universities and even participated in the Miss Italy competition. After winning, I started casting and auditioning and slowly took my first steps into acting,” he says.

It was in Rome that Giusy had her most “authentic” encounter with God: “I lived in this city for a year. Visiting the parish gave me the gift of meeting believing men and women, especially two nuns, through whom I saw the face of the church that I did not know.

I fell in love with the light they had in their eyes, and I was sure that the Lord was calling me to deepen and grow my faith. Since then I embarked on a journey with my fiancé that also took us on several pilgrimages to many of the most beloved shrines: Fatima, Medjugorje and especially Lourdes, a place that has remained in my heart because of the intense atmosphere of prayer that surrounds you feels through a special blessing.”

Give space to God

Saint Teresa of Lisieux is also special to the Sicilian actress: “I have a special devotion to her”, she confesses, “and I love her humility and ‘smallness’, which then becomes great in God’s eyes.”

“I like to say the Angelus”, Giusy reveals, “because in my life I feel intensely the presence of a guardian angel who takes care of us all …”. To young people, his peers, Giusa says: “I ask young people to give God a chance to enter into their lives: we must be open to the possibility of meeting Him, experiencing Him. There is a “right time” for each of us, but we must learn to interpret the signs God gives us in the specificity of our days, such as an invitation we receive from a friend or loved one. Young people must be told that God exists and loves us: then he will do the rest and change hearts, releasing in each of us the desire to pray, to engage in a deeper and sincere dialogue.

Giusa has many goals to achieve and dreams to realize: “First of all, I want to be able to carry out the project that God has prepared for me and send a message of hope to the world. Since true love exists in the world, all we need to do is focus on the light to see it fully.”


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