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The Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute in Łódź decided to care for fathers waiting in the hospital for the birth of their child. Cozy rooms have been created that look nothing like an ordinary hospital waiting room.

A unique waiting room for fathers has been created at Poland’s Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute

Such a room was needed. Every year in the hospital. Polish mothers in Łódź are born with 4,000 children. children. While the facility praises the family birth conditions for patients, not all women give birth in front of their relatives. With a caesarean section, delivery takes place in the operating room. The Institute decided to create a special place where fathers and loved ones expect an important event.

– We are trying to change the hospital for our patients – says Prof. Iwona Maroszyńska, director of the Institute of “Polish Mother’s Health Center”. – That’s why I’m very happy that we managed to create a much-needed place. A waiting room where our patients’ families can comfortably wait for the most important event in their lives: childbirth.

The rooms are nothing like an ordinary hospital waiting room. To insulate the interior, the walls are enclosed with furniture boards. The rooms have plenty of comfortable chairs, armchairs and sofas. It is important that you can rest there – the waiting is accompanied by great emotions and in addition, some deliveries can be difficult and take many hours.

The waiting room was created as part of a larger investment. In the area of ​​the modernized Delivery Block, at its entrance, a communication route is separated into a “clean” and “dirty” zone. Additional corridors make it possible to increase the safety of people entering the area of ​​the Delivery Blocks – both for patients and staff. “Dirty” and the introduction of one-way traffic limits staff contacts and minimizes the risk of contamination.

This is not the end of the changes that await the hospital.

– We hope that the realized investment will be continued in the near future. We are planning a further expansion of the Delivery Suite, which must be connected to the enlarged neonatology clinic. We also want to modernize the Recording Room. All this, together with the gynecological and obstetric clinics that have been renovated over the past 2 years, should ensure that the patient who comes to the Institute from the moment of admission to the hospital, through childbirth to discharge, is in modern and will find comfortable conditions that meet modern standards, which, together with the highest quality medical staff, will ensure that the Polish mother remains the most important maternity center in our region – said Grzegorz Lewczuk, director of administration and development of the Institute of Polish Medicine .

The total cost of building waiting rooms, locks and one-way corridors is: 3 229 980,000 PLN.

Rooms for difficult deliveries and farewells in hospitals in Łódź. This is where parents spend their most difficult moments

In recent years, hospitals in Lodz have created places that are associated with the most difficult moments in some parents’ lives. In April 2022, in the delivery room of the hospital. Polish mothers in Łódź, a farewell room for parents of children with fatal abnormalities. It is also a place for women who have miscarried or are still giving birth to stillborn children.

In February 2020, a difficult delivery room was created at Rydygier Hospital in Łódź, where mothers-to-be await the delivery of their child diagnosed with genetic defects or an incurable disease. The furnishing of the room was financed by the Gajusz Foundation.

– The room was donated by Rydygier Hospital and the equipment was made up of our donors. We estimate them at about 60,000 PLN. Most of this amount was collected by the maternity chair, which can also be used as a bed for the mother. Special armchairs for the family, which are delivered to the delivery room, must be made of specialized materials. Of course there is also additional equipment, for example a basket for a baby. This is the first place in Łódź, but I hope it won’t be the last – then said Tisa Żawrocka, president of the foundation “Gajusz”.

It is worth noting that at the time of its construction, the room in Rydygier Hospital was the only room of this type in facilities in Łódź province.

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