Summer at EC1 Łódź – hot July attractions in the city center!

EC1 Łódź does not slow down and encourages you to familiarize yourself with the offer of July events, which await all visitors to one of the biggest tourist attractions in Łódź.


The EC1 Science and Technology Center invites whole families to visit the permanent exhibition together. The five floors of the exhibition contain historical exhibits, modern simulators and computer games. They make it possible not only to trace the history of a unique place, namely EC1 Łódź, but also to learn, among other things, with technologies still used for electricity production and the development of knowledge and civilization. The multimedia elements of the exhibition will surprise and delight everyone. An unforgettable experience for many is watching the mapping on the historic Brown Boveri turbine set or climbing to the top of the cooling tower, which offers a great view of the panorama of the city.

Spherical cinema

In addition to thematic exhibitions, a major attraction is the Spherical Cinema, housed in an impressive, silver ball in the center of the EC1 Science and Technology Center. During the shows you can participate in “Into Space and Back”, visit “Astronauts” and get a “Space Passport”. The cinema repertoire has been prepared with all age groups in mind, so it is a proposal for the whole family (anyone over the age of 5 can participate in the screenings).

Bike Tours

EC1 Science and Technology Center together with the City Greenery Authority – Zielona Łódź branch on July 10, 2022, at 12:00 PM invites all fans of two wheels to the start of “EC1 Nakręca”. It is a series of four free bike tours for people who value healthy and active recreation. This time, the participants of the event will go out with the “Green Energy of the City”. The itineraries and interesting stories during the trip are as always provided by the animators who work daily at EC1 Łódź. An attractive offer has been prepared for everyone who comes to the start. It is a voucher that gives you the opportunity to visit the EC1 Science and Technology Center at a time of your choice for a promotional price of PLN 10.

Evenings for adults

The evenings for adults are back! Already July 7 at 19:00 together with a guide, Krzysztof Olkusz, you will be able to see that Łódź can not only enjoy walks through the streets. It is equally wonderful to see the panoramas from the heart of the city, the only vantage point – the roof of the EC1 Łódź cooling chimney factory. It is an opportunity to see what Lodz’ Manhattan looks like and how green the city is. Participants will discover the lesser-known face of Łódź from the only vantage point in the city center. It is here that some of the frames of the world’s first music video shot entirely from the deck of a drone were shot – on the song “You also very much” – Masculine Grania. The event will also take place on the other two Thursdays in July.

music show

The EC1 Planetarium has prepared a surprise for all fans of rock music! On July 15 and 29 at 6.30 pm there will be a special musical show dedicated to the music of Pink Floyd. Illustrated with animations and visualizations, “The Dark Side of The Moon” and “The Wall” are works that pay tribute to the band’s greatest hits on the Planetarium EC1 dome. The impressive image combined with the sensational Dolby 5.1 sound system makes U2 fans a unique audiovisual experience.

The music show “Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of The Moon” is aimed at viewers aged 16 and over. Tickets for the next show cost PLN 29.

Elementary Street

The street Żywiołów in EC1 Łódź invites you to join in the holiday fun. 3 floors and 1,500 square meters of experiments and physical activities support the comprehensive development of children. In addition to the regularly presented exhibition, the organizers also encourage you to take advantage of the attractive range of fitness workshops “Wise as a crow, agile as a gallon”. During the lessons we will find out if fitness is only strength and agility by performing many dexterous motor tasks. Exercises for coordination, balance and precision await those who want. The offer is aimed at children from 6 years old.

Movie walks

EC1 Łódź also introduces you to film Łódź! This can be done with the help of the UNESCO Film City Summer Walks Trail. It is a chance to reach, together with a guide, the places where scenes from the most important works of Polish cinematography were shot, such as “Ida” by Paweł Pawlikowski, “In Darkness” by Agnieszka Holland, “Powidoki” and “The Promised Land ” by Andrzej Wajda, as well as cult animations – “Tango” by Zbigniew Rybczyński and “Piotruś i Wilk” by Suzie Templeton, created in Studio Se-ma-for. The walks will take place on July 2 and 30 at 4:00 PM.

More detailed information on the above events is available on the EC1 Łódź website.

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