Putin’s man builds “Noah’s Ark”. The project has reached the “operational phase”

  • The largest energy project ever in the Arctic is being implemented in several dozen locations on the Taimyr Peninsula
  • Rosneft announced that the first five wells have already been drilled and said the work rate is much better than originally expected
  • According to the plan, the Russian “Noah’s Ark” should be ready by 2024.
  • By 2027, the Sever Bay oil terminal will handle 50 million tons of oil annually. A few years later, the possibilities are more than twice as great
  • You can find more such information on the Onet homepage

The construction of the project should be a response to the sanctions that Western countries have imposed on Russia. As Igor Sechin argues, higher energy prices as a result of the repressive measures against the Russian Federation will soon lead to “economic suicide” for the European Union.

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