Chybalski to Rząsowski about the bypass: you blocked this project. That was your political interest in Radomsko

A few days ago, the district councilor of the Citizens’ Coalition Marek Rząsowski wrote on Facebook that the missing part of the Radomsko bypass will not be built until 2030. He received this information during a meeting with representatives of the Directorate-General for National Highways and Motorways. Today he was answered by the district councilor of PiS Paweł Chybalski, with the charge that it is because of the Platform city councils that I do not have this path to this day

chybalski wrote:

“I understand different forms of activity, some run, some like computer games, and there are also people who send different kinds of information online. And there’s nothing wrong with the content being offered doesn’t travel with the truth. I try not to get involved in this kind of polemic and discussion, but when I see someone trying to raise issues that are strategically important to our city and that are diametrically opposed to the truth, at the same time trying to express their point of view and themselves. promote without a reliable approach to the subject, as a resident I feel I should intervene… I just want to approach the subject as a resident of Wypoczynkowa Street. Not as a district councilor or PiS member

I will not hide that I was asked to write this text by reading the submission of my colleague from the Poviat Council. Well, Marek Rząsowski – Twa’s face is really bad, but I want to remind you of the year 2016, when RDOŚ was at the stage of issuing an environmental decree for variant C – by Folwarki. This is a key moment in the ‘neverdig story’ of this bypass. And what happened then??? Well, during the session of the city council on July 15, 2016, a resolution was passed in which variant A after KOPI (variant via ul. Wypoczynkowa) is indicated as the preferred variant, with a lower social impact and lower construction costs. You, as representatives of the townspeople and on their behalf, have condemned them to the situation we have now. You then protected the Folwarki district and its inhabitants from unwanted investments. You did it at the expense of the other inhabitants of Radomsko. You have protected this bad word, because the residents of this neighborhood are also stuck in traffic jams on ul. Krakow. With this resolution you cancel many years of work by GDDKiA and RDOŚ to issue an environmental decree for the “via Folwarki” bypass. So much for the work of officials as “blood in the sand”.

Simply put, the environmental decision process has moved back to where it started. Why??? Since your political interest was on the same side as PF’s interest (Chairman Ferenc – ad. ed). On behalf of the coalition, you made a decision that the residents of Radomsko feel the consequences of every incident on the A1 to this day. You can of course say that it was not known…. Well, it was known what effects this resolution would have. The head of GDDKiA’s documentation department, Marek Brodowski himself, spoke about it. During an extraordinary hearing, he warned that it would be difficult to get an environmental decision for the construction of the Wypoczynkowa bypass. On the other hand, the environmental decree for the variant of Folwarki was practically ready and would be released in a few weeks. Let me remind you that it was 2016. The city council took a risk. The council you were a member of. As an investor, you voted on GDDKiA to bypass Wypoczynkowa.

Without this wrong decision I can say with high probability that the city would already have a bypass or that its construction would be in the final phase.

And what happens after that….. Well, as predicted, RDOŚ will not issue an environmental decision for the route of the bypass through ul. Recreation area. GDDKiA needs to redesign this variant. You have to consider extra corridors for animals, ensure soundproofing and most importantly, the ENGINEERING FACILITY MUST BE REPOSTED ON THE WARTA RIVER. It’s called beautiful, redesign… Actually the current bridge has to be demolished and in its place a NEW, higher and longer one has to be built so that the animals can go that way.

Dear members of the then city council… Where are the savings???? Where care for taxpayers’ money and the convenience and safety of residents. It turns out that the variant that was supposed to be cheaper will be much more expensive than the original from Folwarki. Moreover, according to the environmental decree, the social effects in both variants are comparable. And then??? It should have been better, and it turned out as usual. It had to be cheaper and it was more expensive, and most importantly, it definitely took longer because right now the GDDKiA is more or less in the same place with the documentation as it was in 2016. And your bad face. The horse would laugh. Only the residents of Wypoczynkowa Street are left wondering “whether they should paint a large room?”

For more information, please visit the Bypass in Radomsko group.”

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Chybalski to Rząsowski about the bypass: you blocked this project. That was your political interest. If you think a comment should be removed, you can report it via the ‘report’ link.

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