Are you going on holiday by car? Make sure you do these five things first

  • When choosing a car trip, you should be well prepared. This way we avoid surprises when traveling, such as a closed road, unintentional food or dangerous parking
  • A well-planned stop ensures that the children have fun after many hours in the car, and you have a cheaper fill-up
  • Here are five tips for a successful car trip
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Going on holiday by car has many advantages. Above all, freedom – you can stay wherever you want. It’s up to you what the road will look like. How do you prepare well for it?

View the entire route

If you are going on holiday by car, it is best to start by planning the entire route. View all possible routes that can lead you to your destination. This is best done with Google Maps, where you can see the real time of the trip and possible road problems. Sometimes the road is closed. Then it is worth choosing another, sometimes longer, but without “surprises”.

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Make even better use of the stop

If you are planning a longer route, for example abroad, you will definitely make stops. It’s worth checking in advance where to stop and planning it yourself. if you are traveling with childrencheck which parking lots have attractions for children, for example playgrounds. After a few hours without moving in the car, the child will appreciate this kind of “bone stretching”.

Stop at safe, signposted parking spaces.

Plan where to refuel

Fuel prices have recently reached skyrocketing prices. So every dollar of savings counts. Before we leave, let’s see where the cheapest gas stations are. Prices at specific stations are often shown on the maps.

Or maybe you have your favorite station with a discount card, or you save points at a station? Before you travel, it is worth checking where it is along the way and marking these points in the navigation.

Usually fuel prices rise by a dozen or even tens of groszy per liter ahead of major cities. If possible, it is worth refueling earlier.

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It doesn’t have to be “just an overnight stay”

If you are embarking on a long journey, you may need an overnight stay along the way. However, you don’t have to choose the first inn. An overnight stay can become part of a trip, an opportunity to visit interesting places. Of course, it is worth planning your accommodation in advance (in high season there can be a problem with a place at the last minute) and choose attractive places.

Take care of the meal

If you have specific taste preferences, are on a diet, or just don’t like eating hot dogs and stews at gas stations, check in advance for recommended restaurants along the way.

Or maybe it’s worth driving a few miles for a really good, nutritious dinner? It’s also worth using the internet to plan ahead before you hit the road so you don’t get nervous looking for the first better stop on the map. In addition, you avoid eating junk food unplanned.

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