We are constantly improving the quality of our services

Ecological frame houses that can be installed in a few days are the future of the construction industry. Mateusz Ciesek, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Silva Group Sp. z o. o

Silva Group is a company in the construction sector active as a house builder, specialized contractor, but also acts as a general contractor and takes its first steps as a developer. In 2018, it was decided to create a new brand – Green House. What does the new entity do?

That’s true. It is a family business, founded by my father, with a long history and tradition that we have been developing continuously since the 1990s. Today it takes the form of a modern enterprise. Green House produces frame houses in a prefab system. We prefabricate all elements of external partition walls, ceiling and roof. In constant collaboration with the constructor and designer, we develop a prefabrication system, which we then implement for production. Thanks to these processes, we assemble everything on site within a few days.

What technology do you use when building wooden houses?

We produce our houses in the Steico system. The technology is characterized by high durability, very good parameters of thermal insulation and accumulation. In addition, the manufacturer of the system cares about the ecology of the materials used. Using their solutions, we are not afraid to make two or three floors, and thanks to the use of wood wool as the main insulator, the house is devoid of artificial materials that must be tightly closed to external exposure. Steico wood wool insulation forces us to a diffusion open structure. This means that we eliminate plastic construction films, polystyrene or mineral wool that are popular in frame construction. According to the assumptions of Steico technologists, the house should breathe and direct a controlled flow of air through the partition. And it works.

What distinguishes your projects from other investments of this type?

We do not create new solutions, but do everything we can to ensure that our product is of the highest quality, made of ecological materials and energy-saving in use. We do everything we can to make working with us a pleasure, not a hassle, in the next step to make your dreams of your own home come true. The future investor can be fully served by the Silva Group. We assist our clients in designing their dream home, completing the entire process of obtaining a building permit, advising on the financing of the investment and building a home in which they can continue to create their own history.

When designing our homes, we pay the utmost attention to usability and innovative technological solutions that our customers eagerly take advantage of. We continuously improve our offer and therefore work permanently together with a design agency, financial intermediary, interior and landscape architects. We want our investors to be able to take full advantage of the full range of our services.

You are not going to rest on your laurels. In which direction do you want to develop further?

We are currently starting the construction of a micro-estate of autonomous rental housing for the whole year in Hel. This is a private investor version. In addition, we implement the production of garden houses for self-assembly in the technology we developed. This allows two people to build a holiday home with a built-up area of ​​up to 35 m². within a few days.

We also approach investments under our own brand. It will be an estate of luxury energy-efficient homes using the most modern HVAC solutions. The estate will be built next year near Katowice.

I can also tell that our project to create a modern research and development center is in the early stages of implementation. For this project, we are collaborating with one of the technical universities, with whom we will conduct research into prefabricated elements of wooden and concrete structures, among other things. We will inform you about the next phases of this project on our website. We do not stop and continuously improve the quality of our services.

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