Prison for memes with the Pope? Solidarna Polska wants to convince PiS to accept the new project

2 years in prison for memes with the pope and 3 years in prison for interrupting masses? Solidarna Polska collects signatures for the project “In defense of the freedom of Christians”. Some clergy support this solution. – This is a good project that will help people realize the level of aggression towards Christian beliefs, places of worship and symbols – said the director of the UKSW’s Center for Research on Religious Freedom, Rev. Prof. Waldemar Cisło.

Collection of signatures under the draft civil amendment to the Criminal Code by Solidarna Polska under the name “In defense of the freedom of Christians”, which provides for the introduction of imprisonment for “publicly insulting or ridiculing” the church or religious association. Previously, a person who was proven to have hurt religious feelings could be punished. After the changes, the mere fact of “cheating and ridiculing” would be subject to such a penalty.

Solidarna Polska collects signatures from, among others, the Lublin region. Politicians from the Justice Minister’s faction organized a conference on this issue on Tuesday in the presence of the Christ the King in Lublin. During the Women’s Strike it was written on the wall of this temple: “Hold the pedophiles accountable, not the women.”

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Joanna Scheuring Wielgus

Will memes featuring the pope be punishable by jail time?

– The regulations are aimed at eliminating hooligan behavior regarding worship and faith, not just the Catholic and Christian faith, but any religion – stated Jan Kanthak, Deputy Minister of State Resources.

If the project went into effect as proposed, pope memes could be severely punished. Solidarna Polska wants a fine, restriction of freedom or imprisonment of up to two years for people “who publicly defame or mock a church or other religious association with a regulated legal situation.” If someone commits the act through the media, he can be punished with three years imprisonment.

It’s not everything. A person who interrupts mass or a funeral can also be sentenced to three years.

It would also be introduced in the Criminal Code, art. 27a, according to which “commit no crime, which expresses a belief, judgment or opinion with regard to the religion professed by the church or other religious association with a regulated legal situation, if this does not constitute a prohibited act against freedom of conscience and religion or public provocation to commit a crime or praise for his commission.”

“This is our country that goes back to the Middle Ages”

The left-wing politicians will not leave a dry thread about the project. “Solidarna Polska wants to get two years in prison for mocking dogmas and rituals – but only the church, so other religions can already be defeated. Where is equality before the law? Are we already a denominational state of one religion?” – Anna Maria Żukowska wrote on Twitter.

– This is our country dating back to the Middle Ages. The article about insulting religious feelings should be abolished long ago – Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus of the left said in an interview with on Tuesday.

Some priests defend the proposed provisions. – This is a good project that will help people become aware of the high level of aggression against Christian beliefs, places of worship and symbols, said the director of the UKSW’s Center for Research on Religious Freedom, Rev. Prof. Waldemar Cisło.

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fr.  Andrzej Debskic

Father Lukasz Gosbiewski

He also referred to the proposed change in the wording of Art. 195 PC, which provides for a sentence of 2 years imprisonment for maliciously interfering in the public performance of a religious act of the church or other religious association with a regulated situation, funeral, mourning ceremonies or rites, consisting in the deletion of the word “malicious”.

– Unfortunately, we often come across interpretations of the law that discriminate against Christians. For example, the desecration of a synagogue or mosque evokes a harsh response from all media. On the other hand, desecrating a church is often referred to as “freedom of speech.” Therefore, the more unambiguous the law is, the less room it leaves for interpretation, the better – he thinks.

There is still a long way to go for the project. Solidarity Poland must collect 100,000. convince signatures and PiS to pass the law. – We are a coalition party towards PiS. We wanted to implement this project through parliament, but it was not approved. The point is not to put PiS against the wall, but to show that citizens want such changes, explains Jan Kanthak of Solidarna Polska.

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