Mountains and sea microclimate underground? It is the oldest rock salt mine in Poland – the Bochnia Salt Mine!

When visiting Małopolska during the summer holidays, it is worth spending a few hours in Poland’s oldest rock salt mine, the Bochnia Salt Mine. 40 km east of Krakow, in the oldest town of Małopolska – Bochnia, you will find a real treasure hidden 250 meters underground, the Bochnia Salt Mine. This special, historic building was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013. It has been a historical monument since 2000.

We already explain! In the past, salt deposits were defined as mountains. In the Bochnia mine we are talking about the old mountains and the new mountains. The Old Mountains are the oldest salt quarries and date from the second half of the 13th century. The new mountains are areas that were exploited in later times, until the 1990s, when salt production was discontinued. Wandering through salt passages and chambers is like a trek on a mountain trail. Here, however, we have a guarantee of good, unchanging weather. We also avoid tiring heat, as the temperature underground is around 16 degrees C.

First of all, in the oldest rock salt mine, we have a unique opportunity to learn about the history of the development of salt mining, this place has been a true witness of the history of Poland for almost 800 years.

A tour of the historical underground is presented in a way that makes use of modern technologies for the transmission of images and sound. A visit to the mine is nothing more than time travel enriched with additional attractions, such as a ride on a mining train or an underground boat trip.

We start our tour with a descent, like real miners, with a mine lift to the underground mine to level I August. We move to a place where we feel that time has stood still, more than 200 meters underground. It is a great experience not only for adults but especially for children.

Time travel has only just begun.

Under the watchful eye of the guide we step on the mining railway. We will go to the place where we will start our tour. The journey is not long, only a fraction of all the time spent underground, but it will remain one of the best memories of staying underground.

A visit to the tourist trail begins with a mysterious passage through a multimedia time tunnel. After crossing the road, nothing will be the same. The mine shows us its face from 8 centuries ago, we see the hardships of the mining work of medieval miners, we meet old merchants, we talk with crowned heads. Prince Bolesław the Chaste, King Casimir the Great, Augustus II the Strong recount their reign. We feel a bit like meeting old celebrities ;). The mine gradually reveals to us its natural values. Looking at the following multimedia exhibits, we get to know the rigors of mining, working miners. The journey on the tourist route itself takes about 2 hours. After sightseeing, we can rest 250 meters underground in Ważyn room. It is the largest chamber in the Bochnia mine. Here we have about 30 minutes to rest, drink coffee or take advantage of the gastronomic offer. Depending on the chosen variant of sightseeing, we go with the guide to the underground crossing by boat or we go to the exit of the mine. If we have chosen the option of sightseeing with the Horse Road crossing, after a rest in the room we will proceed to the next part of the journey. We still have to cross the boat and walk on sidewalks, which in the past were communication routes for horses working in the mine. We will also see unique groves, ie volcanic ash, whose age is more than 13 million years old, just like the age of the salt deposit in Bochnia.

This is one of the biggest attractions of the Bochnia mine. The only boat crossing on a global scale room flooded with brine. In the company of two floats, telling colorfully about the secret nooks and crannies of the Bochnia mine, tourists cover a distance of 120 m in a 12-person boat. During the cruise, tourists admire the beauty and rigor of the salt room.

The mystery of the place, the atmospheric light and the sound of oars hitting the water surface create an unforgettable experience and let you live an extraordinary adventure! The crossing is available as an additional option (from 3 years) to visit the tourist route with a multimedia exhibition.

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By remaining in the mine, despite being closed in on the underground of its operation, we can open up to the world around us. Especially in the case of children whose minds open to the extraordinary nature of nature, making them sensitive to the surrounding world, helping to understand the past and appreciate the present.

A stay in the oldest rock salt mine offers a unique opportunity to instill and build social and national identity and belonging. Children listen curiously to the guide’s stories, enrich their vocabulary with new, sometimes completely unknown concepts and words. Direct contact with such a witness from the past, such as the Bochnia Salt Mine, will not be replaced by any, even the best-preserved old photo, and no virtual walk will evoke emotions in the participants of the journey, as are present in the extraordinary salt vaults of the mine.

For families with children, the mine has prepared a variant of the tourist route, where all the attention will be paid to the youngest participants in the journey. The children will venture into the world of the treasurer’s underground land. They will learn the legend of this character, they will search for treasure during a visit to the mine and finally meet the mysterious figure of the treasurer from Bochnia. Tickets can be purchased in advance (at least 1 day before arrival) online and directly at the box office. This variant of sightseeing is available to individuals. Prerequisite for participation is the purchase of a ticket for an adult and any number of children.

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The historical route “Expedition to the Old Mountains” is intended for people who like a little adrenaline and physical exertion, combined with visiting unusual places. It is an offer for those looking for unusual ways of sightseeing and spending free time. It is a route that requires greater physical fitness, but shows the beauty of raw, salty processing, not arranged for an exhibition – only secured and open to the public. We travel this route equipped with mining equipment: helmet, lamp, absorber. We also receive protective clothing. Training at the Mine Rescue Station prepares us for the route.

The route leads through the oldest mining works. The unlit, sleek interiors give the impression of a time frozen in the Middle Ages. Passage through narrow corridors, shafts with ladder compartments are a challenge and a test, but performed in a controlled and safe manner under the watchful eye of guides.

In the Bochnia Mine overnight stays for individuals are also organized . During your overnight stay, you will visit the tourist trail and also stay overnight in the largest room in the mine, in the Ważyn room, the closest date is August 6 and 20. Seat reservations must be made through the Customer Service Office.

Information about overnight stays:

People who already know the tourist route and want to take advantage of the advantages of the microclimate of the mine, choose Recreational stay in the Ważyn Chamber. Tourists have at their disposal all the attractions in the room: sports equipment on the field, table tennis, a playground for children, as well as a salt beach and a sandbox. The stay is organized throughout the holiday, every day at 3 p.m

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Are you curious about what you will visit in the near future? Do you feel that the hustle and bustle of the mountain valleys that resemble motorway traffic are not for you? Plan a trip to the oldest salt mine – the Bochnia Salt Mine. This direction is suitable at any time of the year, regardless of the weather.

During our stay underground, we breathe air that has been naturally purified in salt mines and, in addition, enriched with micro-elements that have a positive effect on our health. We have a guarantee that it is air-free from any contaminants present on the surface. It can be said that the mine is a place that is not affected by the smog problem.

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