How does a pedometer work? How do the smartband and smartwatch know how many steps you take?

How does a pedometer work? It is a device that counts steps – for active people it is a particularly interesting gadget, because in this way they can continuously check the status of the kilometers traveled and the steps taken. Sooner or later, however, a simple question arises: how does a pedometer work? How does this smart device know that a step has just been taken?

What is a pedometer? How does a mechanical pedometer work – traditionally?

This is, of course, a device that counts the number of steps taken. In the traditional version, the pedometers had a pendulum on a spring. It conducts electrical impulses. p.during its movement, the pendulum moves, which then acts on the contacts of the input system of the microprocessor. This allows you to count the steps taken.

How does an electronic pedometer work?

In the case of electronic pedometers, the operation is generally very similar to that of a mechanical pedometer – however individual processes are replaced by electronics. Here too you will find a metal pendulum that is connected by a spring to an electronic circuit, which counts and registers the steps. As the step is taken, the hammer moves and touches the metal contact. The circuit is thus supplied with electricity – the step is added to the total. The hammer then retracts and the circuit is broken. The step count is repeated. The number of steps appears on the display of the device, which also converts the number of steps into kilometers.

How does the pedometer work on the phone?

How to turn on the pedometer on the phone? There are many step counting apps that you can easily install on your smartphone. Operation is based on GPS satellite navigation. It is an alternative to a mechanical solution, ie a traditional form. With satellite signals, you can create a pedometer from your phone without the need for a built-in pendulum or electrical circuit.

How does a pedometer work in a smartwatch and a smartband?

Watches track the number of steps using the built-in accelerometer. Everything is done based on the movement of the wrist. The device then counts this as a step. If you want to improve the accuracy of your smartwatch, it is worth looking in the settings – specify the position of the gadget on your hand. The individual movements of the wrist can be counted as a step.

How to cheat a pedometer?

One thing is to count steps correctly – that’s what any device can do best. Another thing is cheating the pedometers. Under what circumstances can steps be counted incorrectly? Here are a few:

  • stand still and, hold the device, move your hand back and forth
  • put the device in your sock and move your legs while lying in place
  • attach the phone to a vacuum cleaner, mop or broom

These are just a few examples. Of course there are many more and they come down to fixing the phone in a place that vibrates, moves or rotates.

What pedometers on the phone?

When it comes to pedometers for smartphones, the choice is wide. Some of the more interesting options to choose from are:

If you don’t like any of the phone pedometers mentioned above, it’s worth looking for pedometers on Google Play! There are many proposals, so you are sure to find the right one that meets all your needs and tastes.

How does a pedometer work? This is a standard question that every user of a device such as a smartband and smartwatch asks themselves sooner or later. Because how does this magical gadget know when the step is taken? Depending on whether you choose the traditional solution or decide to follow the times, choose a device that counts steps in its own way. Keep in mind that no matter which device and step counting method you choose, you should mainly focus on estimated numbers. These are only approximate measurements, so they are almost never accurate.

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