Holiday habits of Poland – summer 2022. Survey results

How do we spend our summer vacation, where do we go most often? Which attractions are we most willing to look for during our vacations and how much are we willing to spend on holiday vacations, the website presented by Presentmarzeń conducted the survey “Holiday Habits of Poland – Summer 2022”.

The pandemic has taken its toll on Poles who are most likely going on holiday abroad this year – 48% of comments. The effects of inflation come in second place: no less than 26% of respondents indicate that they spend their holidays at home and do not go anywhere. 15% of the respondents will spend their holidays only in Poland, and 11% both at home and abroad.

The most willingly chosen destination in domestic tourism is the sea, which is confirmed by 21% of the respondents’ answers. Mountains were chosen by 12% of the Poles interviewed, and lakes like Masuria by 10% of the people interviewed. Among the respondents of the survey, there are also many people who want to travel through Poland – 18% of the respondents plan to spend the holiday this year this way. Many people will also travel as a city break and visit different places – 14%. If we plan to go abroad, 36% of respondents plan to go outside of Europe and 64% will spend holidays in European countries.

Planning a summer vacation for Poland is, according to 29% of respondents, above all a pleasure that they have been waiting for for a long time. However, they often rely on a partner who organizes the holiday 21% of the comments. Some people don’t like it and for them it’s a nightmare they always hand over to travel agents – 19% of the comments. Interestingly, every third Pole acts spontaneously and does not plan a holiday – 31%.

Good company counts especially on vacation – 32%. According to 33% of respondents, the best companion on vacation is a partner, friends – 20% of the answers, children – 14% of the answers, and friends met on the spot – 9% of the answers. Of course, nice, sunny weather (21%) and attractions for children are also important, so that they will not be bored (20%). Good living conditions (18%) and attractions are also important, which become beautiful memories after the holiday (18%). Usually on vacation we choose amusement parks (31%), visiting interesting places and local attractions (29%), water or air sports (21%), as well as passive relaxation (19%).

More than half of Poles believe that a holiday is a good time to try extreme sports. The most frequently chosen atypical activity is skydiving (26%), motorboat or jet ski (21%), bungee jumping (12%), balloon flight (11%), flyboard (11%), power hang glider or paraglider flight (9%), a ride in a luxury sports car (7%), a flight in a glider (3%).

During their summer holidays, Poles try to spend their free time more and more actively, and sports – especially those involving an injection of adrenaline – are a good springboard from the daily routine and a dose of positive energy. It is also a good way to relieve stress. Even though we spend our holidays in the countryside, we are looking for interesting and original entertainment, such as a flyboard. The summer months are conducive to activity and make us more open to new attractions, and we are also more inclined to use extreme sports. – says Aleksandra Skrzyńska from the website presentmarzeń.

This year, Poles fear most that holidays will be expensive with prices rising – as 57% claim. This year, the economic situation has forced 37% of Poles to change their holiday plans and cannot afford to leave. In turn, 33% of the respondents will leave, but will have to save, 11% of the respondents have replaced a trip abroad with a holiday at home.

Most of the holiday budget is allocated to travel to the resting place – 39%, accommodation costs – 24%, food – 19%, and attractions and entertainment – 6%. Summer holidays 34% of the polled Poles finance from their current income, 29% have to take advantage of a loan or credit, 22% from savings.

As shown by the results of the survey “Holiday habits of Poland – Summer 2022” to 1,000 PLN per person – this is the amount that 42% of respondents can spend on summer vacations. 27% of the polled Poles can afford a holiday of up to 2,000 PLN per person and 10% have a budget of up to 3,000 PLN per person.

* The survey “Holiday habits of Poland – Summer 2021” was conducted by the website Presentmarzeń on a sample of 1,237 respondents in the form of an online survey in June 2022.

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