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Personally, I am in love with these “nets”. They look lighter, look interesting and guarantee the same comfort, while the armchair itself works great in the summer. Many of these advantages can also be attributed to the Genesis Astat 700 model discussed here. But there are also some disadvantages.


The original appearance of this chair cannot be denied. It is a piece of furniture that combines black and red in an interesting way. The first went to the base, the mesh is also black with the edges mounted to the frame as well as the upper part of the armrests. The rest, ie the frames on which the seat, back and headrest are stretched, and the larger, lower part of the armrests on the elbows, are red. Let’s not forget the most visually appealing part, which is the support of the loins – here also the color of the diamond-shaped cards prevails.

Genesis Astat 700

As for the materials used, it’s…so-so. While the base of the Astata 700 is made of metal (with good vinyl wheels by the way), the frame is made of plastic by the manufacturer. At this price, it doesn’t make sense to expect more. The plastic is matte and you can say that it looks typical for fairly standard office furniture – you will not experience luxury here. You can tell it’s a B-class armchair, but it still doesn’t look too bad.


In terms of comfort, which is the most important, the armchair performs well. Genesis Astat 700 is rather a piece of furniture for bigger players: we get a lot of space on the seat to sit comfortably, and the manufacturer, although he does not define the maximum weight of the user, specifies its height as 160-195 cm. However, by turning the armchair (which takes about 20 minutes and is trivial), we have a choice of different sets of mounting holes – both in the main part and in the case of the armrests and back – so that you can try to adjust the whole that it is more suitable for someone who is slightly smaller. However, keep in mind that even in this case the length of the seat is quite long and the adjustment options available will not change this.

Genesis Astat 700

Genesis Astat 700

However, the general scope of the regulation is quite broad. We put the armrests in three planes (height, extension, rotation relative to the axis), the headrest – in two planes (height, inclination). You can also find the optimal seat height, determine its extension to a limited extent and – of course – the angle of the backrest. There was also a swing function. With all this, the armchair has some slack, most notably at the headrest and armrests. The latter work really freely – to the extent that we can very easily drag them around with us when we swing. The backrest is also somewhat affected by weight – here, however, we have a pleasant springback, so it is difficult to interpret it as a significant drawback.

Genesis Astat 700

Genesis Astat 700

Sits well. This is due to the adjustable support under the loin in the form of cool-looking “ribs” – the degree of their bend allows you to choose one of three positions. Overall it doesn’t feel premium, but it’s good enough not to complain.

To buy?

The armchair does its job well, but costs PLN 1000, which is quite a high price, especially considering that we are dealing here with a structure made largely of plastic. But hey, mesh armchairs are a little more expensive than the typical ones, which is also worth keeping in mind. And that’s probably because there aren’t many of them. Diablo Chairs has the richest offer, where this type of furniture costs from PLN 1,200 to PLN 1,500. The SPC Gear EG950 was a sensational gaming chair, but it’s already gone from the company’s catalog – you may find some loose pieces somewhere. The net is stretched in it on a very rigid metal frame – only that the price of the whole device is close to PLN 2,000. Hybrid chairs are definitely cheaper – with a traditional mesh seat and back. Markus from Ikea can be bought for only PLN 700.

Genesis Astat 700

Genesis Astat 700

Price: 1000 PLN | Genesis

PARAMETERS • Material: PureFlow Plus mesh, aluminum, plastic • User’s height and weight: 160-195 cm, weight – no data available (class IV gas lift) • Seat depth / width: 50-52 × 50cm • Height/width backrest: 58 × 47.5 cm • Seat height: 44.5-51.5cm • Armrest height: 27.5-34.5cm • Other: adjustable armrests (in three directions), adjustable seat height and depth, adjustable backrest with rocking function (up to 135°), multi-block mechanism, lumbar adjustment, headrest adjustment (up and tilt), 60 mm nylon wheels • Seat height: 114-128cm • Scale: 18 kg


An interesting alternative to “full” foam armchairs. Here we sit on a net stretched on a frame, which has the undeniable advantage of being breathable. It is nice that the comfort does not suffer, but the armchair itself certainly belongs to the second class – if only because of the materials or looseness.


  • mesh, airy construction
  • useful
  • wide range of customizations
  • as someone wants – quite aggressive, black and red design
  • good quality base and wheels
  • comfortable lumbar support
  • the balance of the structure makes it super pleasant to spin 🙂


  • rather for larger users
  • clear play in the armrests and headrest
  • rocking, easily pull the armrests behind you
  • quite heavy and non-intuitive adjustment levers
  • plastic frame

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