Dress vests for bare skin – how to wear the trend of the season that captured the hearts of influencers? 5 proven styles

Promoted by Scandinavian influencers, conquering the catwalks, drawing attention to the streets of the biggest fashion capitals. Years of absence from wardrobes and wardrobes meant that the fashion for cardigans returned with more vigor. We don’t just wear them for practical reasons, but mainly for visual reasons: they are sensual and unisex, elegant and aggressive at the same time. How are you wearing them this season? We look at the most stylish girls in the business and look at their ways to wear cardigans in the summer of 2022. There is one rule – instead of a top and on bare skin.

Summer trends 2022: jackets

In recent weeks, suit jackets have become a favorite of all the stylish girls in the industry – from models like Barbara Palvin and Kendall Jenner to influencers from Pernille Teisbaek, Josefine HJ and Amalie Moosgaard Nielsen to the fore. They wear them for a variety of occasions, from morning to night, regardless of the temperature or style they usually prefer. We’re not surprised at all: a suit jacket is in a league of its own, which can also be worn in multiple ways, and the best source is simply your friend’s wardrobe or your favorite vintage store. How are girls styling them this season? See.

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Suit vests: with Bermuda shorts

Combining fashion economy with a rich party girl vibe, the leading minimalist suggests that the best company for suit jackets is wool Bermuda shorts that finish just before the knee. Her look is a proposition for those of you for whom the word style is synonymous with casualness.

Suit vests: as a set

Simple comparison – what happens if we leave the jacket of the classic three-piece suit and don’t put on the shirt? A set with a button up top and crinkle pants in the same material is probably the most repeated look in this trend. And rightly so, because it’s the easiest idea to style with a suit jacket, which works anytime, anywhere (as proof, in the gallery we offer you pictures of several completely different online fashion icons wearing this way and looking great) .

Suit vests: plus jeans

If Bermudas or slacks are too much for you, you’ll love the styling launched by Vanessa Carlton nearly a decade ago (yes, the one from the great song “A Thousand Miles”). I’m talking about pairing a cardigan with jeans, which makes this piece come loose and turn it into a more classic top, which you can even wear sneakers or flip flops on. Our inspiration this season is one of the models who took part in the Spring-Summer 2022 shows at Paris Fashion Week, and photos of her beautifully stylish look were published on the internet.

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Suit vests: and mini

What about square trends (or even the power of three)? After years of the rule of minimalism, we let ourselves be more and more eccentric and play with the old-fashioned victim formula, relentlessly combining seemingly incompatible tendencies. That’s what Sofia Boman did, and we can’t help but be amazed at how perfectly a suit jacket goes with an ultra mini skirt, caramel cowboy boots and tinted sunglasses in a 2000s vibe.

Suit jackets: for linen trousers

The returning heat doesn’t have to mean a lack of space in your wardrobe for this trend. Suit vests work great with lightweight fabrics that are ideal for high temperatures, such as linen. Its nobility perfectly emphasizes the shape of the blade and this time again gives the impression of styling from old Italian films. This association came to us when we saw the photo below of Debora Rosa.

More ideas for styling with a suit jacket can be found in our gallery. Be sure to give this trend a try – we’re sure you won’t want to wear any other tops until fall (that’s how it ended with us!).

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