Coronavirus Italy. Is vacation in Italy possible? “Heap”

Deputy Minister of Culture, Lorenza Bonaccorsi, awakened hopes of tranquility on the beach among the inhabitants of Italy. In an interview with RAI television she explained that: guidelines for staying on the beaches are already being developed.

Will there be distance on the beach? The beach in times of the coronavirus

The representative of the ministry, which is also responsible for tourism, emphasized that the rules being prepared to apply to beaches in Italy in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, This includes the requirement of social distancing.

Bonaccorsi also said the possibility of promoting tourism was being considered in small towns, not in crowded resorts. This would primarily be about presentation of an attractive tourist offer in small towns closer to the residence of tourists.

Corriere della Sera also writes that rules can be set at national level. Association representing the interests of hotel companies in Italy – Federalberghi and local organizations are already proposing some ideas. Among other things, it is said o regular sand disinfection, increasing the distance between umbrellas, umbrellas for up to 3-4 people as if they were houses: when we enter, we must wear a mask. someone says with special time slots for people at increased risk.

There was also an idea plexiglass boxes Nuova Neon 2 companies located in Serramazzoni near Modena:

Maybe in restaurants disposable tableware will appear and tourists will undergo special police checks.

Hope on vacation

“Plan your vacation, you can always cancel it,” say Italian hoteliers quoted by Quotidiano. In an interview with Onet Podróże, a Polish woman living in Milan says that the atmosphere is conducive to planning a vacation. – However, most likely we can only spend the summer in Italy. The hotels are still waiting for confirmation from the government, but for now they have to guarantee that we can cancel the reservations if necessary – says Dominika Maruszewska, author of the blog “Oh! Milano”.

Małgorzata Ciuksza, a Pole living in the Liguria region, adds: Italians are hopeful people who believe that soon everything will become reality again.

Not just an optimistic attitude

While experts in Italy try to remember that the pandemic in the country is still in its early stages and it is very difficult to come up with a specific forecast, the government is giving people hope that it will be possible to go on vacation, but nothing is certain at this point – the “Corriere della Sera” service cools the emotions.

Coronavirus in Italy. Easing restrictions

Preparations are underway in Italy to open some stores that have been closed for a month due to the epidemic. The government agreed to open paper, children’s and bookstores on Tuesday. Some regions are blocking this decision. Including in Lombardy, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic bookstores and stationery stores remain closed. The regional government has ruled that books, notebooks and other school and office supplies may only be sold in supermarkets. On the other hand, shops are being opened with supplies for newborns and older children. In Piemonte no shops and bookshops are opened anymore.

The Veneto authorities have decided that bookstores, office supplies and children’s clothing stores they are only open twice a week until May 3.

Biweekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays it is possible to buy clothes and other items for children in Campania with the capital Naples. The sale of books and stationery has not yet resumed there.

It starts in Emilia-Romagna sale of government-approved books and school and children’s supplies.

In turn, the authorities of the capital region of Lazio decided to wait until April 20.

Source: PAP, Onet, Corriere della Sera, Quotidiano

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