Can a label sell your product? Is it worth investing in good label design?

Do you have your own company? Do you know the importance of etiquette in marketing? Can a good product label increase sales? In this article I answer these and other questions! You will also learn what your label should be, where and who can design the label and whether it is worth investing in it at all!

The graphic element plays a very important role in identifying the company in the market. No one pays special attention to “ugly” brands that are graphically outdated and somehow… not keeping up with the times. Even the largest companies are rebranding, and small businesses want to look good in the marketplace from the get-go. How do you do that? The solution is graphic design at! Take the product label as an example. First, a little about its role and its importance.

What role does the product label play?

Wine label designed by

The primary role of the label is clear. The label is intended to inform the recipient about the product. When designed properly, it can quickly provide the customer with information about what the product contains, how to use it, what ingredients it consists of, or what makes it stand out. However, the label has more magic. And literally – a well-made label can enchant recipients. What does this actually mean?

The label promotes the brand, increases the prestige of a particular product, suggests that the proposed solution is innovative and more interesting than the option created by the competition. The seemingly obvious element of the product, the label, plays an important role in sales. Even research shows that an attractive label ensures that it is sold more often.

Despite this, many small producers still do not have or have labels of their own products, but do not pay particular attention to the appearance. Why? Often the problem lies with finances. Producers think that good projects take up a large part of the budget, because working with an agency is expensive. On the other hand, the search for a good graphic artist yourself will take a long time and the effects can also be unsatisfactory. There are also solutions in the form of graphic competitions where you can receive a dozen works from different graphic designers and choose the best one. But then the question arises, is it worth investing in etiquette? Is it really an important part of the product or just a nice addition?

Some people think that putting the necessary information on the label is enough for the recipient to know what they are dealing with. After all, nobody reads these “stickers on the goods” thoroughly. Unfortunately this is a big mistake. How should a product attract the attention of its competitors? Every producer fights to put a stamp on the recipient and wants the label to evoke positive associations. It’s good to know that a well-designed label can win new customers.

Why is the label important? An example from practice

Do you think that you as a customer pay little attention to labels? If you answered yes, unfortunately I have to correct you. Think of your visit to a supermarket abroad, where you don’t know a single product and have to choose at least one product, such as milk. Even when choosing such basic goods, there is a problem, because without knowing the labels that represent brands, you have to spend more time getting at least basic information about the product. The whole decision-making process takes longer.

However, if you look at it from the other side – when you stand in front of the shelf where the labels look familiar to you, you don’t even think about what the label looks like, you just choose your favorite product. However, it is worth noting that in this situation, the step of familiarizing yourself with the labels is long behind you. You already know exactly what a certain product offers, what composition it has or which certificates, so you don’t have to think about it anymore. In order for your products to exist and stand out from the competition, you need to have a really good and eye-catching label.

Why is a label called a “stupid salesman”?

label for honey

Modern honey label design, won the label design contest

Labels are really powerful. If only because they affect vision, which for most of us plays first fiddle in the cognitive process. You may ask, how does this translate into sales? Labels not only attract attention, but also add uniqueness to products and allow you to express the specificity and characteristics of the product, so that the customer immediately knows what he is dealing with. For example, if you have natural honey from an organic apiary, you can use specially selected colours, fonts or even the shape of the label, so that the recipient knows at first sight that he is looking at an ecological product. Label makers know very well which elements to play to express specific characteristics. This is important not only in large format stores, where a dozen similar products compete with each other, but wherever there is a daily struggle for a customer – that is, in almost every industry.

Of course, customers also expect a fun or, in other words, a unique, original and surprising label. It is worth bearing in mind that their purchases are not always fully thought out and rational. They often opt for products that are distinguished by aesthetics, where they do not necessarily pay for what they really need, but for what they like. So a well-designed label can be a more effective advertisement than free samples or demonstrations. This is why the industry calls the label “silent seller”.

Who can make a label design? Where do you find a contractor?

beer label

Kraft beer labels have been particularly popular lately

The process of creating a label should be entrusted to a specialist who knows how to choose the shape, size and cut of letters, colors and the message they convey, the type of composition used, symbols and the whole design style. Specialists know very well where to put a name, slogan or logo to fulfill their role. Their decisions are usually supported by publicly available research and knowledge in cognitive psychology that has been visible for many years. It is important that each part of the label harmonizes with the other so that the composition is consistent, striking and interesting. The question arises, where can you find a good specialist whose project will meet your expectations?

There are several options. You can look for a graphic designer who is up to the challenge himself. However, finding a specialist and finding a good specialist are two different things. Currently there are many graphic designers on the market who offer to create individual projects, often for even symbolic sums! Some are tempted to opt for such services, but the subsequent results are not very satisfactory, which is to be expected for the price. Of course, price does not always determine quality, but it is a real challenge to get into the maze of designers, wading through all the portfolios and choosing a good specialist. You can also outsource matters to an organization that carries out the assignment on the basis of an assignment and suggestion. There are several agencies, but based on portfolio, opinion and overall rating you can pick something interesting. However, it will certainly be felt financially, as agencies are usually more expensive than individual graphic designers.

organic bread label

Label competition for 100% organic rye bread

You can also bet on professional label design, where you determine the price, the number of graphic works and the conditions yourself! The way it works is that after presenting what you expect, your contest will appear on a platform accessible to graphic designers from all over Poland. They send their graphic designs based on your wishes and requirements. After a few days, there will be a dozen or several dozen proposals among your competition, from which you can choose the one that meets your needs. If you have any comments about the design, you can also ask the graphic designer to change individual elements. Everything takes place on one platform and after selecting the winner and the end of the contest, you get all the property rights to the project so that you can use it freely. It’s a handy solution that you don’t get one project, but several dozen, so if something isn’t to your liking, just wait for the next projects in one match.

A well-designed label is undoubtedly one of the better forms of advertising. It influences brand perception and increases sales. Eye-catching labels make it possible to win new customers, and who knows – maybe keep them longer. If you’re wondering whether it makes sense to invest in thoughtful and unique labels, then you definitely do.

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