Virtual Garwolin – Summer is in full swing! Check out CSiK’s offer for August!

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More adventures as part of summer vacations, music and sports activities, ceramics and many emotions on the big screen. The sports and culture center in Garwolin is recommended to all children who will spend the time in the city in August. Holidays like this don’t have to be boring and they won’t be at CSiK either!

The Sports and Culture Center in Garwolin has just announced the program of the August edition of the “Summer in the city” campaign. Children who will be spending the coming weeks in Garwolin and the surrounding area can take advantage of various activities and attractions.

Today we make … from clay

It is an extremely plastic material with which you can make almost anything. The only limit is your own imagination. The ceramics classes, which are in constant interest, are held in two groups during the first two weeks of August on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: the first from 9.30 am to 10.45 am and the second from 11 am to 12.15 pm . The cost of one-time classes is PLN 25. If someone plans to spend more time in a ceramics workshop, it is worth buying a pass. The price of a ticket for 3 meetings is PLN 65 and for 6 PLN 120. You can register for the lessons at the secretariat of CSiK.

We reveal forest secrets!

You don’t have to go far to have an exciting adventure and have a great time. In July, participants of trips under the slogan “Mini-trips, maxi-adventures” visited the theater in Lublin, the zoo in Wojciechów and the Alpaca Farm in Wola Miastkowska. There were many fun and exciting moments. The forest will be the common thread of the expeditions in August. The first trip is on August 10. Participants visit the Forest Education Center in Celestynów, where they get a closer look at the surrounding nature and participate in educational workshops. At the end, a campfire with sausages is waiting for them. The cost of the trip – PLN 65 per person. On August 24, another chance to communicate with nature. Direction? Discovery forest in Ułęż near Ryki. The Family Theme Park “Discovery Forest” is a new place that offers not only proximity to nature and exploring nature, but also a large dose of activity. “Climb like a lynx”, “Glide like a squirrel”, “Hide like a badger”, “Awaken the sense of your explorer” – are encouraged by the slogans on the facility’s website. Sounds good? That sounds really good! The cost of the trip is PLN 85. Both events are open to children from 6 years old. Departure from the parking lot of the municipal swimming pool “Garwolanka” at 9:00 AM. Registration at the CSiK secretariat.

Like a fish in the water!

No great vacation without water madness! The city pool “Garwolanka” is recommended for both those who want to relax, splash and those who want to brush up on their swimming skills. Until the end of August, a ticket for the children’s and youth pool costs PLN 10. There is also a swimming school all summer long. Group lessons are given on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Details on the website:

It’s a beautiful song…

What if you started your adventure with the piano in the summer? Usually it starts with “Kitten climbed the fence”, and then the dormant talents in children blossom. Anyone who wants to check how to conjure music with the white and black keys can register for individual lessons at the music center. Julian Czaporowski teaches piano and accordion. The costs of the meeting are PLN 30. Register directly with the teacher.

Emotions on the big screen

All kids love movies and Kino Wilga loves kids, which is why August’s repertoire is bursting at the seams with proposals for the youngest viewers. The list of no less than 10 movie proposals: “Non-extinguishing”, “It’s in no rush”, “Daddy Moomin’s Diaries”, “Seals vs. Sharks”, “Lena and Snowballs”, “Felix and the Hidden Treasure”, “Yakari and the great journey”, ” Ogliki, DC SuperPets League and “XXL Dog”. What and when can you watch? The current repertoire and online ticket purchase system are available at

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