Review Teufel Cinebar 11 – a soundbar with great sound

A soundbar with a subwoofer is a common choice as a sound source in the house. The Teufel Cinebar 11 2.1 Set review will show whether it is a suitable option in this price budget and what options the tested set has compared to the competition.

  • Sound quality
  • Natural sound that works great in music
  • Easy to use
  • Nice set of connectors
  • Good Bluetooth
  • HDMI ARC issues
  • No network functions
  • The quality of the workmanship is not convincing

Teufel Cinebar 11 review in three summary sentences

Teufel Cinebar 11 is a very special soundbar for 2022. It has no networking features, it has a slightly outdated design, but it doesn’t typically play dark and bass like much of the competition.

  • Sound quality
  • Production quality
  • Pilot and Operation
  • Functionality

7/ 10

Teufel Cinebar 11 review – table of contents

  1. Teufel Cinebar 11 review – table of contents

  2. Set and price

  3. Specification

  4. Build quality and build

  5. The pilot is… weak

  6. Connectivity, or where are the networking features?

  7. The sound is really decent

  8. equalizer? It is, but not very comfortable

  9. Teufel Cinebar 11 review – summary

Set and price

Teufel Cinebar 11 comes to us in two cardboard boxes, which is quite an unusual option. The soundbar with remote control is packaged separately and the second package contains a fairly small and light subwoofer. Along with this we find in the set a power cable for the subwoofer, a power supply for the soundbar and the aforementioned remote control. It’s a shame there’s no optical cable or an extra HDMI cable here as that would make things a lot easier.

The soundbar is available in two color options, and each of them currently costs 1,849 PLN, which puts it in a popular budget and at the same time under a lot of competition.


Optical input and power connector
  • Eight speakers
  • Up to 150W soundbar and 60W subwoofer power
  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Closed soundbar design
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS Digital Surround Support
  • Inputs:
  • Outputs:
  • Standby function
  • Bluetooth with AptX support
  • Possibility to place the subwoofer in three different positions

As you can see at the beginning, there are no networking features. Why? I don’t know, but I’d love to see them here. I think that in this budget this is perhaps not yet a fundamental issue, but rather a necessary one.

Build quality and build

Visible edges of the speakers in the Teufel Cinebar 11 soundbar

The whole set is very light, which made me unsure from the start. Personally, I prefer heavier solutions in audio, as it reduces the vibrations of the housing itself. Starting with the soundbar, there is a mesh on the front behind which the speakers and are visible very simple LED screenwhich is important because it is the only option to control the soundbar and see the current options. There is a silver rim around the speakers, which in my opinion does not look good. I associate it more with products from a few years ago than with a fresh model from a European company. At the top of the soundbar are only a few basic buttons that will not always realize that you want to press them.

The back is already standard

On the back, of course, we find connectors, which I will write more about later, but also an integrated wall bracket, which is a very handy solution. Two screws are enough to hang our soundbar right under the TV.

Access to connectors is a bit difficult

The Teufel Cinebar 11 has fairly difficult access to the connections on the back. Since I only had fairly stiff HDMI cables in my apartment, I had a problem connecting them without breaking them. There’s just a little too little space here. The same goes for the thicker connector itself, there may be a problem as the power supply cable is angled and can bend slightly. The place for the optical cable is already in the second compartment and I had no problem connecting there, but that is also due to the softer cable.

The subwoofer is again very light, but at least it connects wirelessly

The transducer in the Teufel T 6 subwoofer

The subwoofer in the Teufel Cinebar 11 set is called the T 6 and it is a fairly slim, lightweight brick with a bass reflex opening. At the rear, we can choose its position from three options. Freestanding, in a corner and placed under, for example, a sofa. Of course there is also a volume knob in the range of +/- 10 decibels, so that you can easily adjust the amount of bass to a specific room. The set also includes four rubber feet to stick on, although I would personally prefer the fixed stands as when looking for the perfect place for the soundbar, the sound will change if the subwoofer is not placed on the floor with the whole wall.

The pilot is… weak

Remote control for Teufel Cinebar 11 soundbar

The Teufel Cinebar 11 comes with a remote control, which is already an advantage over the Sonos Ray, but this remote makes a very bad impression. It is made of two different types of plastic, it is very light and it just looks really cheap. Equipment in this class should have a slightly better remote. Aside from workmanship, usability is fine. We have all the necessary keys here and the operation is quite intuitive.

Connectivity, or where are the networking features?

Teufel Cinebar 11 has no network functionswhich in my opinion is a very poor solution and quite a loss. If you want to play music, you have to turn on the TV, where the owners of screens from the Hisense stable will have a problem, because there is no Spotify, nor Tidal, nor Apple Music. The only option is Bluetooth, I’ll describe that in a moment, but it’s not as useful as the network functions of the above applications.

HDMI also has its problems

By using the soundbar with the HDMI cable and counting on ARC and CEC support, I miscalculated a bit. I connected two TV sets from different companies (TCL and Hisense) to the Teufel Cinebar 11 set and each had the same problem. They vigorously detected the TV as an image source and switched to it, causing me to disable the applications built into the TV. It is very annoying in daily use and eventually forced me to give up the CEC function in favor of using the optical output, which has no more problems.

But Bluetooth works very well

Bluetooth with the AptX codec, which you can read more about in this tutorial, works very well. Of course, this is Qualcomm’s technology, so not everyone will be able to take advantage of it, but the quality provided using this solution is of a very high level and the latency is small. However, this way you can enjoy streaming music I would rather have control using, for example, Spotify Connectbecause it’s a better solution if more people are at home, or if we’re having a party and everyone wants to let go of something of themselves.

The sound is really decent

Rear of the subwoofer of the Teufel Cinebar 11

The Teufel Cinebar 11 offers pretty good sound quality, and and it sounds very universal, in a natural style. It’s a pretty even soundbar, which not everyone will love. There is no excessive bass here if the subwoofer is set up correctly, but therefore no “wow” effect when it is first turned on. For a soundbar in this budget, it also sounds very detailed with music, so that even more discerning listeners should be satisfied. I also encourage you to look at my headphone ranking guide where I explain many terms related to headphone sound.

Teufel Cinebar 11 in the cinema

Personally, I adapted the subwoofer a bit for movies, about two decibels compared to music or regular series, to increase your immersion while watching. Mainly because I wanted to refresh 1917, which really appreciates the weight of the sound. And it all turned out really well. The bottom of the subwoofer complemented the rest of the sound very nicely, the dialogues were very clear and accurate, and the highs were again very pleasant and not intrusive.. It was of course the same in other productions, but this one was the most memorable for me while watching.

Teufel Cinebar 11 in series

Here too, the Teufel Cinebar 11 performed very well. Both on more banal series, such as Family Guy and Dr. House, but also with the more demanding ones, such as Arcane or El Chapo, where, however, much more happens, both in image and sound. And each time the effects were similar, ie the sound was even, with good separation, very well separated dialogues, but an average soundstage. You can see that the Teufel product runs a bit uphill, creating a surround feeling.

Teufel Cinebar 11 to music

So in a place where it really works well. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the sound quality in many genres of music. From pop to rock to classical music, it’s always good anyway. At least, that’s often better. As I wrote, the sound is quite natural and even, and very detailed. The only thing I don’t really like is how soft the sound is. The delicate texture is only felt in the bass, especially in the middle. On the other hand, if we twist the subwoofer quite a bit, much below the optimum level in the room, the sound becomes drier, a bit unpleasant. Overall, it’s a very different sound than the Samsung HW-Q800A, which was much denser, darker, and sounded more cinematic.

equalizer? It is, but not very comfortable

Due to the lack of an application, any changes to the sound are quite difficult. We can do it by remote control, but this is not the most pleasant option. In addition to the physical knob on the subwoofer, the menu has access to a simple, two-band bass/treble equalizer. In addition, the Teufel Cinebar 11 can work in three positions. Normal / speech / night mode. Simple and fun, although the speech mode is very specific and personally I wouldn’t use it often. It pushes voices up a bit, but they get very nasal, which doesn’t sound too good. The night mode, in turn, calms the noise down a lot, meaning it works exactly as we’d expect.

Teufel Cinebar 11 review – summary

Teufel Cinebar 11 Review - The photo shows the front of the soundbar

The Teufel Cinebar 11 2.1 Set is a good soundbar, but I’m not sure if it’s the best option in 2022. Mainly due to the lack of network functions, which are now mandatory for many. However, if we can live without it, and we want a slightly more natural sound than dark and bass, then the top-rated soundbar could be a hit. As far as we are convinced of the design, we will overcome the problems that can arise when connecting with HDMI and a cheap remote.

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