Private check-in and limousine service. I checked what awaits passengers in the VIP area at Chopin Airport [RELACJA]

  • The VIP Line service at the capital’s airport has been used by presidents, ministers, deputies and foreign diplomats for more than 30 years
  • You can also meet regular passengers, whose faces we associate from the list of the richest Poles, as well as stage stars, actors and celebrities
  • This service can be purchased by any passenger. The cost starts from a thousand zloty
  • From the moment you enter the zone, the passenger has nothing to worry about. Provided fast individual and discreet ticket, baggage, customs and security check-in. International press, hot dishes, drinks and a limousine ride to the gate are waiting for him
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Some time ago, Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan reported about her briefing at the airport and her quarrels with her husband. – The best part is that we had to repack the whole suitcase. I moved things from my suitcase to Radzio suitcase and there was still excess luggage. Then, in the last rush, we have to pay for the excess baggage. In general we noticed the difference between this check-in and the VIP Line check-in, which we have recently become accustomed to and which I recommend to you even more after today – she shared on her social media.

As many readers asked the editors what the VIP service described by the TV host was, I decided to visit the capital’s airport.

Chopin Airport at the height of the holiday season, July 14, 2022 – Karolina Walczowska / Onet

I arrived at Chopin airport on Thursday afternoon in the middle of the holiday season, after making an appointment with the airport representatives. Before entering the VIP Line area (located at the North Pier) there were many cars parked and a bus in front of the door.

– Passengers using our service can park their car here for the duration of their journey – explained to me a little later Monika Jaszczura-Synowiec, manager of the luxury zone. There are also rides to this parking lot taxis and limousines.

Access to the VIP areaAccess to the VIP area – Press materials

We passed two bodyguards and a waiting room. – Large luggage is usually picked up by someone from the service here, and the customer goes to the security check – she said. Everyone has to pass one, including the guests who come here with the passenger to say goodbye to him.

Security check it is very intimate and follows the procedures. – Basically, the passenger does not have to worry about anything from the moment he enters our zone. He is greeted by us, immediately accompanied by the staff to the senatorial or presidential lounge – depending on the delegation. In fact, all the formalities are fulfilled for him. We only need an ID, because sometimes we do write down the data from the passport, for example, enter a check-in system, which is completely natural and required by airlines. But there is no passenger to help. He rests, takes a shower, eats dinner, has a drink or works – explained Jaszczura-Sonowiec, emphasizing that VIP service is tailored to customer needs.

All markings are placed in accordance with airport proceduresAll markings are placed in accordance with airport procedures – Karolina Walczowska / Onet

– For more than 30 years, our spaces have been mainly used by presidents, ministers, deputies and foreign diplomats. We also have regular passengers whose faces we associate with the list of the richest Poles. We also host here stars of the stage, actors and celebrities and all other passengers who have purchased the opportunity to use our services – she said and added that in the first form there was only a government lounge.

– More than a decade ago, we also opened space for customers. I must admit that many passengers have been with us from the beginning. We know them very well, we know what’s going on with them – they get married, divorce, children are born, start new businesses. On the other hand, they know they can count on complete discretion and intimacy – she noted.

In the presidential loungeIn the Presidential Lounge – Press Material

The aforementioned presidential lounge awaits the heads of state and all passengers can rest in the senatorial lounge. They are available bathrooms, where you can shower and use specially prepared towels, bathrobes and cosmetics.

In the bathroom there are cosmetics and towels for the guestsIn the bathroom there are cosmetics and towels for the guests – Karolina Walczowska / Onet

You can help yourself in the salon hot dishes, snacks and desserts. Passengers enjoy a drink and read the international press.

Room A room for “special tasks” and international press are available for guests – Karolina Walczowska / Onet

They can smoke a cigarette in a special room and look at the roster board.

In the senator's loungeIn the Senator’s Salon – Karolina Walczowska / Onet

A business appointment, an important phone call? No problem, special tasks can be performed in a small room with a desk and armchair.

I’ve met a few people, probably on business trips, but both single passengers and whole families come here.

Passengers can use the buffet at willPassengers can use the buffet at will – Karolina Walczowska / Onet

– In fact, a nod from Chopin Airport is that the person who pays for entering the VIP zone, has the right to bring two people to accompany her on the so-called goodbye or greeting. And these people use the zone for free, so if a person flies out, someone can come in with him, have a coffee, talk, give an interview or arrange or arrange other business matters – according to the specialist.

When asked for names or funny anecdotes or wishes of passengers, the manager replies that: one of the biggest benefits for passengers is the feeling of intimacy and confidence in the service.

– Every day is different, some challenge us, but we have a rule that everything that happened in the VIP area stays there – she emphasized.

You can use the smoking area right next to the exit, under which a limousine drivesRight next to the exit, under which a limousine drives, you can use the smoking area – Karolina Walczowska / Onet

The passenger does not have to worry about the time of departure. – The staff is in constant contact with the employees of a particular carrier. After agreement with the passenger, whether he wants to be the first or last on the plane, we determine the time of departure of the limousine – explained the manager.

We can take a limousine with our favorite drink to the planeWe can take a limousine with our favorite drink to the plane – Karolina Walczowska / Onet

An employee invites a passenger in a limousine and reaches the entrance of a cruise or private plane with or without a drink in a luxury car.

The VIP service can be booked Chopin airport website. – Download the completed application form and simply send it to us by email to the email address provided on the website. We are currently working on making such forms online, but we still need some time to implement it. After sending the application by email, our employee confirms the information about the acceptance for implementation – explained Jaszczura-Synowiec.

How much do you have to pay for this service? A departing or arriving passenger has to pay PLN 1,000, another person traveling with him pays PLN 850. For transit transport (transfer in Warsaw) PLN 1100 and PLN 950 respectively.

Is the service worth the price? Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan assures that yes. What are your experiences? I am waiting for your messages on:

Karolina Walczowska, journalist from Onet Podróże

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