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“Opniaki”, “Family talks”, “I walk around. A child in the adult world” are the titles of works by young Polish designers presented at the Games and Toys exhibition in the Zachęta Project Room in Warsaw. Opening on July 29.

Games and Toys is a presentation of games that entertain, learn and connect generations, as well as toys and objects created by young Polish designers for recreation. These designs can be used by both children and adults. They come from the analog and virtual world.

“By the way, the exhibition has come about a bit,” Magda Kardasz, the exhibition’s curator, told PAP. “Looking at the work of young designers and graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts, I noticed that there are many projects where young artists use the strategy of the game to present their ideas.”

Kardasz followed suit; She looked at the exhibitions and works of award-winning designers in design competitions and – as she emphasizes – has gathered a large group of projects “with the game in the background or in the foreground”.

The exhibition includes 15 projects, selected by the curator, related to games, with a play strategy. “Many of them have educational value, support intellectual development and the acquisition of new skills, and some even have a sporting character,” says Kardasz. “They all allow you to spend your free time usefully, develop creativity in interaction with other people and sometimes even break down barriers. A good exhibition for the summer” – assures the curator.

For example, the goal of the project “I walk around. A child in the world of adults” by Aleksandra Badura was to create a mobile application that supports the sense of freedom of choice in children. This mobile tool for preschoolers can not only be fun , but also teach important skills.

“I considered the sense of freedom of choice as the most important characteristic to be developed from an early age” – emphasizes the author of the work. cause and effect sequences of your actions and reinforce your own sense of agency”.

Born in 1994, Aleksandra Badura has a degree in industrial design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He is involved in brand design, visual identification and the creation of digital products. He has recently started making illustrations, mainly intended for the youngest audience.

On the other hand, the board game “Family talks” by Wioletta Boguni-Bugaj – presented by the curator – favors building and maintaining family ties, it is a kind of link between the family members.

This game consists of a round board with a drawing wheel, category cards, task cards, special cards, score blocks and game instructions. Children learn through modelling, ie patterns they draw from their immediate environment, shaping social and family behavior in adulthood. That is why good communication in the family is so important.

Wioletta Bogunia-Bugaj graduated in industrial design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

The original project of Natalia Gajo and Zuzanna Walkiewicz “Opniaki – forest playground” is also original.

“Opniaki” are multifunctional elements for fun among the trees, intended for a group of ten children and an educator, for example for participants in summer camps.

“The project – the curator points out -” is based on the trends of outdoor education and the tradition of alternative playgrounds. Children hang the set themselves according to their own ideas – it can be used to climb, swing, build a base. Opniaki encourage interaction with nature, familiarize children with the forest and teach them respect for it”.

Born in 1995, Natalia Gajo is a graduate of the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and also studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste in Stuttgart. He is involved in product design and visual communication. Empathy, she believes, is the key to design.

Zuzanna Walkiewicz, born in 1993, studied ethnology and cultural anthropology before starting her studies at the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In her work she tries to make creative use of the workplace of the ethnographer and the approach of a social researcher. She is interested in crafts and design focused on renewable materials.

“These are just examples, but it’s worth getting acquainted with all the games and toys on display in our Zachęta Project Room,” emphasizes the curator.

The authors include: Magdalena Bojko-Michalak, Olga Cytowska, Agnieszka Doczyńska, Karolina Glanowska, Adam Miklaszewski, Ola Mirecka, Kacper Mutke, Paweł Lewandowski, Barbara Olejarczyk, Martyna Piątek, Julia SzymanowskaŻura, Patryczcja.

Most of the games in the exhibition refer to the game world known to us, have an analogous, non-school character, which also requires direct interaction between participants,” Kardasz adds.

The Games and Toys exhibition is open in the Zachęta Project Room (ul. Gałczyńskiego 3) from July 29 to October 9, 2022 (PAP)

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