Ford Mustang California Special – TEST. Perfect for the summer behind the wheel

Weather Mustang? Oh yeah! It’s not our fault that the American Pony Car comes in so many varieties and we like them all. And since we’re in the middle of summer, we picked the best one. Ford Mustang California Special not only the name refers to the sunny state of USA. Character too.

California Special should be “Wow!”

That’s why we left the Mustangs in CyberOrange color to colleagues from other editors. This is a great paint job on the GT. The Mustang California Special is a Convertible exclusive. So a convertible. And as a convertible, it must be in a summer holiday atmosphere. Visible from a kilometer, the “Smurf Blue” Grabber Blue paint is perfect. The special, dark rims and stripes on the body fit perfectly. And of course the special version inserts.

Reminiscent of the 1960s model, the convertible has some striking details. A separate rear insert, a new grille with the C/S logo and an enlarged splitter are small things, but the Mustang looks “different”. And… great. As for the usual, I’m already very used to it – there are a lot of them in the capital, so the California Special “has something”.

In the interior it is a typical Mustang more weekend than sporty. The change is new upholstery and seats trimmed in a mix of leather and Alcantara, of course with the corresponding logo. They are wide and comfortable, although they are far from Recaro. But that’s not the point. What’s more important here is that they have ventilation, a B&O audio from the SYNC3 system can play the right chord for an evening city tour.

Ford Mustang California Special

The only right one

The Ford Mustang California Special is the only right option. Convertible with V8 engine. The Coyote five liter with active exhaust, we love that when the roof is open. Yes, the car has a silent start mode, and the exhaust can be muted separately (eg on a long route), but … that’s not what this model is about.

The 450 horsepower engine gurgles and makes just enough noise to let the area know that an American V8 has arrived. You can complain that it’s too loud or too vulgar, but… it’s really screaming with dignity. And if it doesn’t tear, it rumbles. Yet it is all on the verge of kitsch and perfection.

In the case of our example, “the only right choice” is the automatic gearbox. Is it really necessary to swing the lever and depress the clutch for a summer convertible? It’s a Mustang, not a Porsche Boxster, so it’s not the address for the track or the corners. Although Ford is doing what he can and there is no shame. Especially if we take into account the “spectacular back sweep” category.

Anyway, the ten-speed automatic fits very well here. NUnfortunately he is as crazy as a wild horse. It needs a very sharp canter or a gentle step. In other cases, it will kick, kneel, and get tangled up against its own “legs” (i.e., run).

Still, I choose California with a slot machine. Manual gears? Yes! In Bullit and Mach1.

Then the Mustang is very fast (4.6 seconds to 100 km/h) and you don’t have to worry about the dynamics of this powerful engine. But since it has no roof, it is summer and sunshine you will appreciate more that the driving comfort is very high (for a sports car). You also don’t have to cut corners on the roads you travel on.

Thirsty like an American V8

The only sacrifice you have to make is the wallet havoc that the Mustang California Special is happy to wreak.

Not necessarily in the salon. GT with a V8, with an opening roof and automatic transmission, you will pay less than three hundred zloty (PLN 291 thousand). California Special is a pack that was priced at PLN 9,300 and PLN 4,300 for Grabber Blue paint. A total of PLN 304,900. This is not much for the parameters, the car and its legend.

But the Mustang likes to drink. Much more than the varieties before the update of the ecological standards. While it can drop to about 7 liters with a quiet and very smooth ride, driving into town is enough to increase this value by 10-15 l/100 km. It’s really hard to get below 17 l/100 km on average.

Something for something apparently.


“Cruising” the city in the open air, a V8 that looks, sounds and “drives” when needed is a perfect idea. Or a relaxed trip on California Route 1. The Mustang California Special is not perfect, but it appeals to me with its atmosphere. When I see him, 2Pac’s “California Love” starts spinning in my head.

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