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One of the many summer events that the JSW Foundation co-funded this summer was a picnic at the Active Recreation Park in Mszana. Water games in a pirate environment allowed the children to be active outdoors; they also brought relief from the sun’s rays. The biggest attraction was a surprise prepared by friends of the Volunteer Fire Brigade. A stream of water from a fire hose quickly became a pretext for water games and competitions.

I have to admit we have as much fun as the kids we prepared our firefighter surprises for – said Arkadiusz Jaworski of the volunteer fire brigade Mszana.

In each part of the Recreation Park, different attractions were waiting for children. There were arcade games, obstacle courses, outdoor painting and water balloon games. – Pirate attractions totally swallowed my son – emphasized Ms. Iwona, mother of 7-year-old Kacper. – Such a festival is a very good idea. Today, fewer and fewer families can afford summer vacations, so for kids who stay at home, it’s often the only holiday attraction – he adds.

A picnic in a pirate environment is one of the many holiday proposals prepared by the Municipal Cultural and Recreation Center in Mszana as part of the “Happy Summer with the JSW Foundation” project.

This is the third holiday in a row, where our youngest residents can count on summer surprises. Every year we organize trips, festivals, picnics, meetings with travelers, as well as artistic and culinary workshops, at least once a week in July and August. We couldn’t fund so many holiday attractions on our own, so we are very grateful for the support we can count on from the JSW Foundation – said Rafał Jabłoński, director of the Municipal Culture and Recreation Center in Mszana.

The JSW Foundation has supported 25 summer projects this summer. Thanks to this, almost 6 thousand children from all over the region experience a summer full of adventures. Young athletes will use the summer break to improve their talents and physical shape during summer camps and stationary camps, co-funded by the JSW Foundation. The football players of LKS Paniówka will practice and rest on the coast in Władysławowo, and their teammates from Połomia will go to Krościenko. Young athletes from LKS Start Mszana stay in shape in Milówka. On the other hand, the players of JKH Białe Jastrzębie will use this time to prepare for the Women’s Youth Hockey League.

The support of the JSW Foundation is not limited to sports holidays. The summer offer of the cultural and sports centers of Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Mszana, Świerklan, Gierałtowice, Pilchowice and Radlin also included excursions and festivals.

We always do everything we can to ensure that the youngest residents do not complain about boredom during the holidays. The most attractive elements in our summer offer are of course excursions. Without the support of the JSW Foundation from many trips, such as to Krakow or Wrocław, we would have to give up – said Agata Wrożyna-Juszczak, director of the Municipal Center for Culture and Recreation in Świerklany.

The JSW Foundation also helped colleagues from the volunteer fire brigade in Ruptawa, who organized a camp for youth firefighting teams from Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

As in previous years, 120 children from three orphanages are going on a 10-day holiday on the Polish coast this year, thanks to the direct support of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. Children will live in the center “Neptun” in Sianożęty, which belongs to the JSW Capital Group.

Kids are waiting for these seaside camps all year round. We are on a modest budget and without the help of JSW our center would not be able to afford a vacation trip, not to mention full colonies. We especially appreciate the fact that this is not a one-time help, but constant support. Thanks to JSW, our students can count on summer camps for years – emphasized Iwona Spora, director of the Child and Family Support Center “Przystań” and “Ostoja” in Pszczyna.

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