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During the holiday season it is extremely important to know if your vehicle is in order. It is during this period that we most often plan to take the car on a longer route. Why can a technical inspection be so important at the moment? We explain!

What do long car journeys mean?

In summer, when the weather is particularly good, everyone dreams of a holiday trip. Many people have made a decision to organize such a trip taking into account your own car as a means of transport. Who doesn’t like long, scenic routes? After all, the most important thing is the journey itself!

Owning a car is a great comfort, but also a great responsibility. When you go on holiday with the whole family and luggage by car, you should take into account that the load will be much larger than normal. Plus, it’s waiting for us many miles to travel and the pavement of roads of different quality. In such situations, the car is more than usual exposed to various types of disturbances. A long journey, high temperatures and a full car – what to do to avoid such conditions? problem for your car?

How do you prepare for holiday adventures?

When planning a longer trip by car, it is worth paying attention safety yours and your loved ones. In addition to properly planning the entire route and stops along the way, it is also extremely important check the technical condition of our vehicle. Although it should be done regularly, a long car journey can be a very good argument for opting for an inspection.

Checking the condition of the tires, the level of the operating fluids – coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, inspection of lamps and lamps, and above all individual control automotive systems such as steering, suspension and electrical systems – these are just some of the elements of the technical inspection that will be carried out by specialized staff from a place like vehicle inspection station. Bielsko is one of the places where such an overview can be successfully made. It is extremely important to check the suspension system properly. Shock absorbers, springs, joints etc. In short, everything responsible for the stable movement of the vehicle and compliance with the road. In addition, you should carefully check the brake system, pads, discs, calipers and brake fluid level. Just go to BPBP SA Diagnostic Station to the address ul. Generała Mieczysław Boruty-Spiechowicza 27, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała.

Why is a car technical inspection an advantageous step before going on a long journey?

We can check some parts of our vehicle ourselves. However, it is much better to trust experts like professionals technicians from BPBP SA diagnostic station Any overlooked elements that you may not notice yourself can lead to damage to the car or even dangerous accidents with increased use of the vehicle. If you want to repair your car abroad, it may turn out that using the services of a local repair shop much more expensive than avoiding problems before you leave.

Visit the BPBP SA diagnostic station and enjoy your vacation without any unpleasant surprises

use with BPBP SA diagnostic station services has some great advantages. The employees of this station are specialists in their field who not only solve your problem, but also advise you if necessary. Apart from that, diagnostic station BPBP SA also has professional equipment and great experience. The services of its employees are effective and satisfactory for every customer.

During the inspection it may also appear that some parts of the car require attention. If you go to BPBP SA Diagnostic Station, even worrisome malfunctions or malfunctions can be remedied in a very short time. Right next door, BPBP SA also has its own garage. Bielsko it is therefore a place where preparation for long holiday routes is no problem at all.


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