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Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Maldives are picturesque and tropical islands, located in different parts of the world. They seduce with a paradise landscape, but hardly anyone knows that they will soon disappear from the face of the earth. All thanks to the activity of the oceans and rising sea levels, which successively flood and sink them. In turn, ocean water temperature threatens coral reefs and fish species living in local waters. It is estimated that many of these and many other islands will disappear from the face of the earth in the coming decades. The low-cost search engine for flights and travel,, has put together a mini guide with tips on how to get to the most geographically inaccessible places in the world, where flights reach astronomical amounts – even around PLN 30,000! The cheap flight and travel finder,, “hacks the system” checks and finds the most cost-effective flights using travel hacks, such as returning to a different airport than where you started your trip, including domestic transportation options in your itinerary, and more Others. Collectors of tropical memories can rub their hands.

“Many tropical islands, especially those of coral atolls like the Maldives, are extremely vulnerable to ocean activity. Island states and coastal areas are the most vulnerable to sea level rise. They will slowly disappear as climate change progresses. “- says dr. Justyna Orlowska, Dr. Justyna Orłowska, researcher on the social aspects of climate change, member of the Climate Crisis Team of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the author of the guide on the Maldives edited by Pascal. – Scientists from the IPCC predict a rise in the water level in the oceans by at least a few tens of centimeters in this century. For small and flat islands, this is a clear judgment.” – adds Orłowska, who spent several months in the Maldives examining the perception of the threat of the effects of climate change by the inhabitants of “sinking” islands as part of a doctoral study for the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as the impact of climate change on children commissioned by UNICEF.

1. Tuvalu – paradise, but not for work

Tuvalu is an island country and one of the smallest in the world, located in the West Central Pacific. It is located about halfway between Australia and Hawaii and borders Kiribati and Fiji. Tuvalu is an archipelago of 9 small and low-lying islands, full of coral reefs and blue lagoons. The highest point of Tuvalu is only a few meters above sea level, which makes the island paradise extremely sensitive to any changes in terms of rising sea levels. The only airport is located in Funafuti, the capital. On site, for about $10 a day, it’s worth renting a scooter that will take you everywhere and get to know the real face of island life. recommends local lagoons – amazingly insane with crystal clear waters, in which you can not only swim, but also dive. One of the best things about traveling to tropical islands is exploring the small islands and atolls – it’s worth renting a boat and jumping between them. Tuvalu, while a traveler’s paradise, won’t be the perfect place to work. The internet is very weak there, so it’s worth focusing on relaxation and rest. Although the local cuisine is not known in the world, the food is simple and tasty, and the inhabitants of the island like to prepare it for tourists and invite them to eat together at their home.

When to fly: The most favorable weather for a trip is from April to October, when the temperature is very pleasant and there is little rainfall.

How to get there: Traveling to Tuvalu is not easy and many transfers have to be made. The only airline that only arrives there twice a week is Air Fiji. This is one of the most expensive destinations. The search engine has verified that the cheapest way to get to your destination from Warsaw is with 3 changes, paying PLN 11.404. We do not require a visa to visit Tuvalu – visa-free travel is in force according to the agreement between the European Union and Tuvalu. When visiting Tuvalu, we do not require a visa – visa-free travel is in force according to the agreement between the European Union and Tuvalu.

2. Marshall Islands – for sport fishing enthusiasts

The Marshall Islands is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, east of Micronesia. That’s a total of 29 atolls, about 1,225 islands, and 870 reef complexes spread over an area of ​​750,000 square miles. Like Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands are one of the least visited countries in the world (about 5,000 tourists a year) because it’s difficult to get to and travel isn’t the cheapest. There are many ways to get there. United Airlines and Our Airlines are the largest international airlines with a stopover to the Marshall Islands. It is a paradise for anglers. There are onsite groups that offer organized boat trips and sport fishing in Majuro and the other major islands of the country. recommends a visit to the RRE Mariculture pearl farm, which offers a tour and learn about the secrets of breeding – fishing opportunities provided under the program. And finally the atolls – one of the best places is Bikini Atoll, commonly known as Pokinni, which means ‘coconut place’ in Marshallese. It is a beautiful coral reef made up of 23 islands that surround a central lagoon.

When to fly: The best time to travel is basically any time of the year, although the period from May to October is highly recommended.

How to get there: The flight takes 14 hours from New York, 11 hours from Tokyo and 4.5 hours from Honolulu. Marshall Islands should be included as one of the elements of a trip to Southeast Asia. The cost to get there is very high and it is the main barrier for tourists which is why there are so few of them every year. has checked the best connections – if we start a trip in Pozna, we can get there for about PLN 12,551. reminds you that a visa is required – the application and approval process takes approximately 14 days on average. Visa-free travel under the Visa Waiver Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of the Marshall Islands applies to EU citizens and citizens of the Marshall Islands who hold valid ordinary, diplomatic, service, official and special passports.

3. Kiribati – It is about 5000 km from any other country

Kiribati is another tropical island, off the tourist trail, because of the difficult and not the cheapest way to get there. This paradise island will delight everyone and especially appeal to lovers of extraordinary experiences and adventures. Kiribati located in the equatorial Pacific Ocean – these are a total of 33 islands spread over an area of ​​3.5 million square kilometers of the ocean). For the curious, Kiribati has the highest water-to-land ratio of any country in the world. Even the largest individual atoll in the country, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), is about 5,000 km from any other country. The largest coral atoll in the world is the heart of Kiribati’s tourism. Kiribati, with an average elevation of only 2 meters above sea level, has many beaches, but is also one of the most threatened by rising sea levels in the South Pacific. Diving, snorkeling and kayaking on the beautiful turquoise lagoon are the most popular attractions, and anglers won’t be disappointed either. Kiritimati is home to marlin, wahoo, barracuda and huge schools of tuna.

When to fly: all year round, avoid February and March, which are rainy. The remaining months guarantee beautiful sunny weather and pleasant temperatures.

How to get there: This is one of the least visited and geographically most inaccessible corners of the world. suggests that Kiribati, like other islands in the Pacific, is worth going to Asia. has verified that when starting a trip in Warsaw we pay the least amount for reaching the destination, which is PLN 9.415. A visa is not required on site – visa-free travel is valid based on the agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Kiribati.

4. Maldives

Above all, the Maldives is one of the most accessible tropical islands, where air travel won’t ruin your wallet. A few years ago they were frequented by the wealthiest, because of the astronomically high cost of housing and a small alternative to housing. In recent years, the situation has changed so much that the Maldives has become a paradise for workation fans. This Muslim country, located in the Indian Ocean about 500 km from the farthest end of India, attracts water sports enthusiasts and fans of the so-called island hopping. recommends to be open to the inhabitants of the islands who are willing to make acquaintances and friendships with tourists, receive them in their homes and show the real life on paradise islands. And there are over a thousand of them here! The Maldives is an archipelago of about 1,190 islets embedded in 26 coral atolls growing on the undersea volcanic chain. Interestingly enough, few people know that the Maldives has its dark side and struggle with the huge problem of the growing amount of waste generated by the tourism industry. The waste is taken to the man-made waste island of Thilafushi, which no one ever sorts.

When to fly: It is best to go to the Maldives during the Polish winter – January, February and March are the best months for a trip, with beautiful sunny weather.

How to get there: Paradoxically, reaching the Maldives is no longer out of reach in terms of price. More and more carriers are opening new connections with the capital in Male. suggests that we can get to the Maldives from the airport in Pozna for 1,884 PLN. Visas on arrival are issued free of charge for 30 days at the airport upon arrival in Male. A passport that is valid for at least 1 month must be presented. encourages you to check all necessary information regarding visa requirements in countries of transfer and possible COVID restrictions.

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