The end Friz Wersom’s YouTube team leaves Karol Wiśniewski

Friz said in a Twitter post that “it’s completely normal and it’s no wonder you have a smaller vibe with someone”.

The joint project ends and everyone chooses their next path. For some the path coincides with mine, then of course we act strong, some take their own new independent path with the following goals of the team – he announced. – Just like at school you have homies, but school is over, everyone has different goals and you probably have private contact with some of them, but you don’t go to classes together (as if you want to work) – he added.

He stressed that he wanted to focus on his new projects. – I would like to do a project for you, give you some nice impressions. Let’s focus on new cool projects and give them all this attention, I intend to do this and I would like you to support all projects and pay attention to all projects from everyone who participated in the team house project! – he said.

According to Friz, team members did not pretend to be close friends. – You believed in friendship and git, because it was true, everything was transparent from the start, nothing is done in the team. As you probably know, relationships in life change naturally, some are still friends, some not anymore, and others will be back in a moment – a normal thing – He wrote.

The team spent more than two years in a shared house

RecentlyIn addition to Friz, the team consisted of Wersow, Krzychu, Murcix, Patec, Tromba, Mini Majk, Nowciax, Fusialka and Wujek Łuki. As of mid-2018, influencers (some came later) were recording material together on the YouTube channel, whiche has 2.06 million subscribers and the 70 videos available have been viewed a total of 422 million times.

In the spring of 2019, they moved in together in a house near Krakow and started making daily vlogs. They also reported on their travels together.

The team mainly creates lifestyle and humorous content, it is most popular with younger teens. The members also separately have their own social media profiles: Friz has 4.62 million followers on YouTube and 3.4 million on Instagram, Wersow – 2.27 million on YouTube and 2.9 million on Instagram, Tromba – 2 million on YouTube and 2.4 million on Instagram, and Mini Majk – 1.53 million on YouTube and 1.8 million on Instagram.

From 2020, the makers also released music videos for their songs. End of June last year. their album “Sezon 3” was released, in August they played their first big concert. They also run the online clothing store Ekipatonosi.

Recently, Friz announced in several interviews that the members of the team will be moving from the premises near Krakow by the end of the summer, so that they will not work together as closely.

In the fall of last year On his channel, Friz started the program “Your 5 Minutes” in the style of a talent show. He announced that the winners would be joining his new team of influencers as part of the GenZie project. – You need to build an army of influencers, because one day I will end, I’m already one leg on the side of dinosaurs – explained the purpose of this project, answering a question from a Twitter user.

On the other hand, Mini Majk admitted in an interview with Wersow that he had no idea for the development of his YouTube channel. – I’m probably running away from YouTube a bit because I’m burned out. I don’t want to make a movie I’m not happy with. I’d rather throw nothing into it than force something and be dissatisfied – he said.

In turn, Tromba (actually Mateusz Trąbka) was removed from the National Court Register in mid-June as a member of the board of directors of Laniakea Pictures (formerly Pigeon Picture) – an animation subsidiary of Ekipa Holding.

In the middle of last year there were several serious allegations against the crew. Sylwester Wardęga pointed out to influencers that the gadgets that came with the “Season 3” album were available at discount prices on Aliexpress, and Wersow used the logo designed by a French graphic artist for several years without permission.

The crew members had to record a video with detailed explanations.

The Holding team has been on the stock exchange for two months

Last year The Holding team, which covers the entire Group’s business, achieved PLN 45.89 million in sales revenue, PLN 12.13 million in operating profit and PLN 9.57 million in net profit. The company earns from advertising, selling clothes and branding other products, including ice cream produced by the Koral company.

In the spring of last year, Ice cream with the Ekipa brand, produced by the Koral company, was a sales hit. Their first batch immediately disappeared from the stores and the next batch also appeared in the Biedronka and Lidl chains. At the end of April, Koral launched an additional production line and announced that it will produce one million pieces of ice cream per day by the team. In July, it was announced that Herlitz would be producing a series of stationery designed by the team members. In September, the carbonated oranges of the Ekipa brand were launched and Krynica Vitamin is responsible for their production.

This year in the spring. Donuts under the Ekipa brand appeared in the Biedronka stores, and the Ekipa ice cream was again on sale.

Since mid-May, Ekipa Holding has been listed on the side market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, appeared there as a result of the so-called reverse takeover of Beskidzkie Biuro Inwestycyjne. Within two months, the company’s stock price fell by almost half – on May 20 it was PLN 7.73 and on Tuesday morning it was PLN 4.18.

In a statement last week, the company said that: is working on its new development strategy, which should be presented in a few weeks.

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