In the fourth quarter, the government must pass a bill on the Silesian Transformation Fund

2022-07-26 21:28

2022-07-26 21:28

In the fourth quarter, the government must pass a bill on the Silesian Transformation Fund
photo: Adam Guz / / Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland

In the fourth quarter of this year. the government has to pass the bill on the Silesian Transformation Fund – it follows from the list of legislative works of the government. The creation of the Fund was one of the elements of the social contract related to the transformation of the stone mining sector concluded between the government and the trade unions.

On Tuesday, the list of government legislative works signed last year on May 28, the social agreement provides for the creation of a special fund for the transformation of Silesia, was recalled. The aim is to coordinate the transformation of post-mining, industrial and post-industrial areas with the transformation of Śląskie Voivodeship.

According to the information in the list, the draft decision on the Silesian Transformation Fund will determine the organizational rules of the Fund, its tasks and the manner of its implementation. In accordance with the provisions of the social contract, the fund will operate in the form of a public limited company. Its seat will be Katowice.

According to the draft, the Fund will use similar instruments used by the Polish Development Fund for the performance of public tasks. This includes the ability to conduct government programs to provide financial support to entrepreneurs, issue bonds, grant loans, guarantees and securities, take or acquire shares and shares in companies, subscription warrants or bonds, and enter into of partnerships. It was envisaged that the fund would also support entrepreneurs from outside Śląskie Voivodeship, provided that the impact of the support will contribute to the transformation of Silesia.

The fund will carry out investment tasks as well as tasks in the field of education, digitization and promotion of the region.

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The basic document defining the Fund’s objectives and the instruments for their implementation is the strategy of the Silesian Transformation Fund. The strategy includes conclusions from the analysis and diagnosis of the market situation, the detailed scope and manner of execution of the Fund’s tasks in the perspective of a minimum of 5 years and the funding sources of the Fund’s tasks. You must prepare a report on the execution of the strategy.

As was added, one of the instruments for the implementation of the strategy will be priority programmes, which will serve to implement projects of particular importance to the objectives of the Fund. The programs are drawn up and financed by the ministers responsible for the scope of the enterprise.

The draft stipulates that the board of the Fund will consist of members and the chairman of the board. The management board is appointed by the supervisory board.

Members of the supervisory board who are representatives of local government units, of which the share of the share capital of this company is the largest, and representatives of the largest organizations representing the employees’ side in the Voivodeship Council for Social Dialogue, are appointed by the Minister responsible for state assets – specified in the list of government legislative works.

Olga Semeniuk, Deputy Minister of Development and Technology, is responsible for drafting the bill. The planned date when the government will pass the bill is the fourth quarter of this year.

The social contract signed last year on May 28 defines the rules and pace for extinguishing Polish coal (energy) mines by 2049. The document includes: employment guarantees and social protection for miners and allows ( already implemented) budgetary subsidies to reduce production capacity. Auxiliary solutions – which have already been transferred to the amended Mining Act – must now be notified to the European Commission.

Earlier this year, at a meeting of the signatories of the social contract in Warsaw, it was agreed, among other things, that a formula for the appointment of the Plenipotentiary for the Transformation of the Silesia Voivodeship will soon be proposed. At that time, it was also agreed to continue work on the draft law on the Fund for the Transformation of Silesia. In addition, “it was considered necessary to start the process of renegotiating the cost elements of the social contract in the area of ​​operational plans, in view of the increase in the operating costs of the coal sector”. (DAD)

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