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1. Plan your budget well

Without a well-planned budget for the trip, you can’t talk about saving on travel. It’s worth it find out in advance what prices are valid for accommodation, meals or attractions in the place chosen as destination. Setting an upper limit on individual spending makes it easier to spend less. It will also be helpful leaving money for unplanned situations. It’s always worth carrying more money with you so you don’t have to worry about the account balance when you have to spend it. Important, before going to European countries it is worth applying for an EHICand if you choose a destination outside of Europe, take out travel insurance so as not to worry about the high cost of medical services.

Although the above advice can be confusing to someone, because in theory they are associated with more money, they will certainly save you money in the event of an illness or accident. It’s also worth it when planning a budget make sure you avoid problems with payments abroad and bet on solutions that do not incur additional costs or margins for currency conversion (eg Revolut).

2. Take advantage of the cheapest time to buy tickets

When buying tickets for a plane, train or bus it is worth it view the prices of individual carriers. Do tickets get cheaper as the departure date approaches, or vice versa? When are tickets in this direction cheap and when do you have to pay more for them? Checking this information can be very valuable in saving money on the trip. Choosing a ticket during the period when the carrier offers the cheapest services is a real financial advantage. Often it’s worth booking a ticket much earlier than waiting at the last minutewhich is also associated with the later problem with accommodation as with the passage of time there are less and less hotel and hostel offers.

3. Find a cheap accommodation

Accommodation is a very individual matter. Some expect a high standard, for others the main thing is a budget solution. Currently many sites like Booking or Airbnb offer promotions and really cheap accommodation at a good standard. However, if you really want to save on accommodation, you can choose a free option. Couchsurfing is a portal that many people use offers the possibility to stay in their apartment for free. Of course, it is not a comfortable situation for some, so you have to adjust your expectations according to the possibilities.

4. Don’t go overboard with your luggage

If you are planning a trip of several days, it may turn out that Checked baggage is simply not necessary and there is no need to buy extra kilos. You need to think about what you plan to take with you from your trip. If these are items that cannot be put in hand luggage, such as a bottle of wine, consider purchasing checked luggage. However, if you do not feel like taking valuable souvenirs with you and it is enough to buy a card or a magnet, give up unnecessary costs.

5. Bet on cheaper food

When you travel, probably everyone dreams of giving up daily cooking and eating out “in the city”. It’s worth it limit it to just one or two meals a day, and prepare the rest i.e. breakfast and dinner, if possible at your accommodation. Often hostels offer a shared kitchen space worth using to store or cook food. Usually a quick breakfast or dinner only goes to the market to buy the necessary ingredients, and in the most budget version you can decide to cook all your meals on the spot. However, if you don’t give up the chance to try the local cuisine, it’s worth knowing some rules.

If you decide to eat in a pub, always? check out the restaurant reviews on the internet. It is a waste of time and money for poor quality food especially on holiday. You can be guided not only by opinions, but also by prices. Usual places in the center will be more expensive than those a little further awayThat’s why it’s worth considering where to stop for lunch or dinner when planning the next few days. Prices can be high, especially in European capitals, so to save, opt for street food or lesser-known local restaurants.

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