Amazon Prime’s price up 40% in Europe – will we see an increase too?

Amazon Prime Price is currently 49 PLN for an annual subscription, which is of course a ridiculously low amount in a monthly ratio (about PLN 4 per month). However, they are already appearing in Europe subscription increases and these amount to no less than 40% per yearso it’s not a bit. Amazon is introducing new prices in several European markets, but it looks like increases will be coming to Poland soon as well.

Amazon Prime price goes up – subscription increase closer

Amazon in Poland has been out of stock for a long time, although we have already gotten used to it. We are increasingly looking at the e-commerce platform itself, but Amazon isn’t just an opportunity to make purchases. In the case of an Amazon Prime subscription, you get access to many other things. We have access to free shipping on items marked Prime on the platform, but we also get access to the Amazon Prime Video SVOD platform as part of the subscription. Added to this is access to Amazon Prime Gamingwhich corresponds to the fact that we get our own PC games every month (not just for the time we pay for the subscription). And all this as part of the annual fee of PLN 49. You can also pay Amazon Prime as a monthly subscription included in the price PLN 10.99but rather it is not very profitable.

However, the price of Amazon Prime is already going up in September this year. We currently know several markets where this will happen, including the UK, France and Germany. So it can be seen that the Amazon Prime increase could also reach our country, although it has not happened yet. Here are the new prices for one-year access to Amazon Prime in individual markets.

  • UK – From 79 British pounds to 95 British pounds, an increase of 20 percent
  • France – From €49 to €69.90, an increase of 43 percent
  • Germany – From €69 to €89.90, an increase of 30 percent
  • Italy – From €36 to €49.90, an increase of 39 percent
  • Spain – From €36 to €49.90, an increase of 39 percent

The Amazon Prime walk – what can it look like in Poland?

Amazon Prime Price - Description of current subscription prices
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Europe is not the only market where the price of access to a package of services has increased. A few months ago, the price increase also hit the United States. Previously, access to Amazon Prime cost $119 for a year there, and now $139, an increase of less than 17 percent. At the same time, Amazon is announcing an increase in the monthly subscription price. It’s going to be growth in Europe with 1 euro per monthand in the UK at £1 per month. In Poland, we don’t know anything about the price increase for the Amazon Prime subscription yet, but looking at the company’s movements, it seems only a matter of time. So what might our prices look like if Amazon decides to pull out the heavy guns?

  • Amazon Prime – 40 percent increase – price PLN 68.6
  • Amazon Prime – up 30 percent – price PLN 63.7
  • Amazon Prime – an increase of 20 percent – price PLN 58.8

Given that Amazon increases the price of monthly access to a service package in a particular currency in a particular country, in Poland it would PLN 11.99. Since the above predictions have not yet been confirmed, access to Amazon Prime will be relatively cheap. In the worst case it would be less than 6 PLN per month. If we only look at the prices of other SVOD subscriptions, namely Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+, access to Amazon Prime Video will be very profitable even after the increase. Although Amazon has a problem with the content here, or rather the fact that it is rarely updated and often lacks the right soundtrack. Sometimes there is no Polish subtitles or a voice over, and sometimes it is the other way around and we only have access to the Polish language version, without the original. Interestingly, Amazon does not save money in the production of new series. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which premieres on Amazon Prime Video in early September this year, will be one of the most expensive series ever. At least when it comes to the cost of production itself. However, the number of users continues to wait, but it is not supposed to be the fault of series or movies produced by the company.

Why is Amazon raising prices for Amazon Prime subscriptions?

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In the UK, Amazon’s third largest market, there hasn’t been a price increase since 2014., however, Amazon is raising prices for a simple reason: an increase in operating costs and inflation itself. More expensive fuel, storage and transportation costs are just some of the reasons. The company also recorded a loss in the second quarter of the year for the first time in years. It’s something that hasn’t happened in seven years, so the company is looking for a way to make it back. And this is the way to increase the subscription price, which is the most understandable move with a huge number of customers. Of course, from a business point of view, as users may have a completely different opinion. Some of them may also give up access to Prime itself, but it’s hard to say right now what percentage of users would opt for such traffic in the first place. The 40 percent increases are of course high, but here we are talking about prices next year. Prices spread over months don’t seem so terrible anymore.

You can also see Amazon differentiates its prices significantly in the markets where it operates. Converted to PLN, access to Amazon Prime in the UK before the increase is a whopping PLN 440 (after the increase PLN 530) per year. If the price in Poland were at a similar level, Amazon Prime’s stake in it would probably be negligible. Price is one of the main factors here, if not the main one that draws you to the platform. The upcoming premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power probably won’t play a big role here. The series and its announcements received very unfavorable comments from Tolkien fans. There’s no point in judging production before debut, of course, but when the Amazon Prime price rises significantly, the company could still lose out on this, although it’s unlikely.

Source: The Verge / Amazon

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