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KLAR architectural firm has created an interesting house design called House with In-law Suite. The forest building is located in the Czech village of Rybí in a quiet and peaceful area. The house consists of two segments connected by a common vestibule, between which there is a courtyard.

House with parent-in-law suite

A house in an idyllic atmosphere

Located on the southern edge of the village of Rybí in the Moravian-Silesian Region, the building plot is bordered by the edge of the access road, the surrounding stream and the fence of the adjacent property. It is a large plot, but with a significantly smaller development area. The shape of the house is largely determined by the requirements of the minimum distances to the forest edge and underground gas reservoirs.

House with parent-in-law suite

House with parent-in-law suite

The place offers a picturesque view of the surrounding meadows, forests and country houses. The access road crosses the stream at the lowest point of the area, right next to a roadside bench and a small cross. This place is open to the public even if it is on customer property. For centuries it was part of the Way of the Cross from Nový Jičín to Štramberk.

The client’s requirement was to create a house design for a family of four and a separate section for grandparents. They wanted the building to be wooden, easy to build and functionally profitable. They also wanted to be able to build a house themselves, at least partially.

House with parent-in-law suite

House with parent-in-law suite

The construction of an attractive house near the forest

There are almost no other buildings around the plot that would define the structure and shape of the project. The neighborhood is dominated by a mix of single-family homes finished in different styles from different periods. After taking into account budget constraints, software requirements and customer preferences, a rational approach was finally taken with the use of repetitive building blocks.

House with parent-in-law suite

The project consists of two elongated fixed parts with saddle roofs, connected at an angle and placed on the edge of the area to be developed. At first glance, this shape resembles a small one-storey house with a gable roof, typical of the Beskidy region. Between the buildings there is a courtyard overlooking the nearby forest. Shaded by the roof overhang, a wide space that runs along the entire house connects it to the courtyard, providing endless opportunities to relax, listen to the sounds of running water, rustle leaves, or the distant buzz of the countryside. to live. The abundant trees surrounding the creek provide shade and relief from the hot summer sun, and in winter their bare branches allow enough light to reach the house.

The designers of the Pole Architekci studio have also undertaken an interesting project of a house near the forest. According to their idea, an unusual wooden building called the House of Baba Yaga was built.

House with parent-in-law suite

Double-wing privacy from the patio

The two wings of the house intersect in the vestibule, which gives a view of both segments, the courtyard and the terrace and serves as a metaphorical signpost. The hallway leads on one side to the main living area and on the other to the corridor of the additional apartment, where there is a mechanical room, a small bathroom and a bedroom.

Entering the second wing of the house, we enter a double-height living space with an open-plan kitchen and dining room. The project focuses on offering as many views as possible, both inside and outside the home. From the kitchen window we see the entrance area, from the living room there is a wide view of the surrounding landscape. The hallway connects the living room with the private area, which consists of a children’s room, a bathroom and a master bedroom. Each part has direct access to the terrace.

House with parent-in-law suite

The house is built in the 2×4 building system, insulated with mineral wool and OSB cladding. The dominant element in the interior finish is a natural, 3-layer board of solid spruce and white plasterboard. The bedrooms have oak parquet, corridors and bathrooms – ceramic tiles.

The foundations are divided into two parts. In the senior segment, reinforced concrete strip foundations were used and in the second wing, the building is lifted with thin steel piles. This gives the structure a certain lightness, reducing its scale and impact on the ground.

The house has electric water underfloor heating. The living room can also be heated with a wood burner and the bathroom has a towel warmer.

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House with in-laws – record house design

Location: Rybí 424, 742 65 Rybí, Czech Republic

The built area is 145 m²

The usable area is 124 m²

Architectural firm: KLAR

Main architects: Václav Kocián, Zdeněk Liška

Realization: 2021

Photos: Vaclav Novak

Construction technique: Martin Wünsche

Fire safety technology: Pavla Tvrdá

Artist: Richard Kovac

EPC: Tomas Bruckner

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