6 cosmetics made in Poland that internet users love. Iconic Summer Bestsellers from PLN 9

In the summer, experimenting with cosmetics is a mediocre idea. On vacation and between holiday trips, it is better to have proven bestsellers at hand, which give certain effects and simplify the care ritual. We decided to look for reliable gems in the portfolio of Polish beauty brands, which are in no way inferior to the global competition. We have taken into account criteria such as composition, opinions on the internet and a good price that will not ruin your holiday budget.

Our list includes: practical multitaskers, which is great in a holiday makeup bag and helps prevent any beauty problem – from dry, flaky skin to ingrown hairs after epilation. There was also room for deeply moisturizing, regenerating formulas that reduce the harmful effects of tanning and restore lost skin firmness. We haven’t forgotten the coloring – we’ve chosen a product that is universal enough to go with almost all your make-up, creating a natural, casual effect in the style of French women.

Here are 6 top cosmetics made in Poland that have become a hit among thousands of internet users – it’s time for you to try them on your skin too.

BasicLab Serum with 10% trehalose and 5% peptide Moisturizing and filling

Serum that has achieved almost cosmic popularity among Polish women. More than two thousand positive opinions and 5/5 rating leave no doubt about its amazing performance. What is the phenomenon of the iconic serum? BasicLab? His secret is trehalose, a natural magnet for moisture, which is a rescue for dehydrated and dry skin. Allows the skin to absorb hydration like a sponge and regain lost elasticity and smoothness. The serum also helps to reduce wrinkles thanks to its presence The SNAP-8™ Neuropeptide – acts like botox, fills the lines and restores skin tension. The cosmetic is in the form of a milky emulsion that leaves a pleasant feeling of relief and comfort on the face. It is an absolute must-have for sun-tired and irritated skin after sunbathing.

Martha’s opinion: “The best serum I’ve ever had. It hydrates very well and gives a cool feeling on application, which is an added advantage in the prevailing heat. The skin is very nourished and smooth“.

Now you have the perfect opportunity to try the best-selling BasicLab serum as it’s discounted by -20%. Note: the promotion only lasts until July 29. You can choose from three sizes: 15, 30 and 50 ml.

Your Kaya Intimate Oil

If we chose one cosmetic to take to a desert island, it would probably be a bestseller Your Kaya Oil. Packed in a holiday makeup bag, it replaces at least 5 other products and saves space in your suitcase. mainly a wonderful remedy for irritation after epilation – if you suffer from red spots and ingrown hairs in the bikini area after shaving with a razor, a few drops of this elixir will solve your age-old problem. Contrary to the name, however, this oil is not just intimate – loyal fans have already found its use on almost every part of the body. Dry skin on the elbows, knees, around the nails? Intimate oil will moisturize them. Split ends? It will act on them as a protective serum. Painful abrasions? Like a soothing olive, it soothes, lubricates and accelerates healing. Of course, the oil has an all-natural, vegan formula – it’s a blend vegetable oils from hemp seed, sweet almond and jojoba enriched with soothing calendula and aloe extracts. This simple composition makes real magic.

Alexandra’s opinion: “The first and most important thing for me – it doesn’t make me sensitive! Second – my skin doesn’t burn after shaving, erm… sensitive spots 😉 And last but not least – the skin after the oil is very soft. I’ve long wondered if it was just well advertised or if it was really that brilliant. For the undecided – IT’S TOP and this is what a girl who has been looking for cosmetics for years that does not cause irritation“.

Annabelle Minerals Matting Foundation

Glowing skin, flowing makeup, clearly visible pores, blackheads, pimples – for many of us this is a typical summer scenario that repeats itself year after year. The iconic Annabelle Minerals foundation will help you break it down and finally realize your dream of fresh, smooth skin, even on hot days. It is a 100% natural powder foundation based on pure mineralswhich has received thousands of positive reviews and remains number one in the market despite the passage of time. The matte version is best rated by internet users. Included in the backing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide they perfectly absorb excess sebum and thanks to their antibacterial properties, they prevent blemishes. The manufacturer has even carried out tests showing that the primer is used regularly reduces the appearance of pores by 21% and reduces inflammation by 25%! And no, this is not the end of its benefits. Users also love it for its good coverage, which goes hand in hand with a natural, invisible finish. The product can be added during the day to further mattify the complexion – and it still looks like a second skin.

Patrycja’s opinion: “I have never been happier with a foundation like this. It is delicate, does not clog the skin and does not form a greasy, heavy film. My skin doesn’t get tired of it, it just breathes. “Despite” its delicacy and of course simple composition, it fulfills its function perfectly! It mattifies and covers imperfections, and the effect lasts all day. In my opinion it is perfect“.

Miya Naturally nourishing all-in-one lipstick

A cosmetic with a real French soul made on a pattern coloring lip balmsthat every Parisian woman has in her make-up bag. It is a best-selling lipstick that conditions, softens and smoothes the lips while giving them a natural tint. After application, the lips take on a subtle color, like eating juicy cherries or raspberries. In this case, however, the color effect lasts longer, as does the feeling of comfort and hydration that lasts for many hours. The lipstick is based on natural orange peel and castor oil, as well as candelilla and carnauba wax. They perfectly soften dry lips from sun and wind and give them a healthy shine. The color pigments are also of natural origin. Due to the warmth of your hands, the lipstick melts on the skin, so that you can also use it for paint cheeks and eyelids. The cosmetic is available in 6 face colors to suit every skin tone.

Advice from Wizaz.pl: “I bought this lipstick encouraged by the positive opinion of a famous makeup artist. I was not disappointed! It meets all my expectations regarding the lipstick for everyday make-up – it is pleasant and easy to apply, nourishes and moisturizes the lips perfectly, gives a subtle, natural color. I have a shade of Rose that suits me very well, I use it almost every day. It requires corrections, for example after eating, but rather this applies to any lipstick. I really recommend it!“.

Ministry of Good Soap Rose Raspberry Serum

The cult MDM serum, which smells like a thick donut richly filled with rose jam, has been recommended more than once. We can’t ignore it today when we write about Polish summer bestsellers. This golden elixir is made for the post-holiday season when it’s needed thorough reconstruction of the skin’s hydrolipidic layer and its recovery after intense sun exposure. The oil serum is surprisingly light in texture and does not burden the skin, so it works even on hot days. His heart is rosehip oil – nourishing, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, a natural wrinkle reducer and color enhancer. She guides him raspberry seed oil, squalane, vegetable lanolin and coenzyme Q10. This restorative cocktail brilliantly soothes, hydrates and soothes chapped skin. It also gives it right after application satin gloss and a light golden hueaccentuates the sunkissed complexion. A real miracle for summer days.

Karolina’s opinion: “The best serum I’ve ever had! I have used many products of this type, including luxury brands, and none of them impressed me that much. I use it at night, I have combination skin, but I could easily use it under foundation as the serum absorbs instantly. In the morning, the skin is beautiful, radiant and refreshed, hydrated and radiant. I have been using the product for 4-5 months so it is very efficient. The effects are great, I just ordered a second bottle“.

You can buy the serum at ministerstwodobregomydla.pl – until August 4 with a -20% discount.

Natural Color Shiny Vinegar Conditioner

Our list also includes a hair care product whose price is shockingly low, but the promotion is simply brilliant and confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews. This one Color vinegar conditioner, known for generations, Polish brand with traditions. Hair maniacs love it – mostly because of its simple, natural composition a large dose of emollients (including grapeseed oil), which help tame the most tangled, frizzy locks. However, the breakthrough ingredient in this formula is: apple cider vinegar, which helps to close separated hair cuticles and thus give them a spectacular shine. This makes the conditioner irreplaceable in the summer, when the hair becomes dull and stiff due to the sun, wind and salty seawater. As if that weren’t enough, the product costs money less than PLN 10 and it is easily accessible. You can find it in drugstores, such as Hebe and Natura.

Monika’s opinion: “I have medium porosity hair with a tendency to frizz. It is one of the nicest conditioners I have tested. My hard-to-manage hair is quite shiny and less frizzy. After use, I no longer have to reach for a flat iron, because after drying they are quite simple. As for me, HIT“.

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