These blouses are perfect for summer! Light, airy and beautifully rendered with the female figure

Fashionable summer blouses from well-known designers

In many chain stores you will find many different models that are perfect for the summer. However, some people refuse to shop in chain stores because of the opinions circulating about clothing from such stores. However, not every opinion is true and is not translated into reality, but more on that later.

These blouses are perfect for summer! photo by Imaxtree

The most sought-after and sought-after clothes are those of brands such as Calvin Klein, Guess or Michael Kors, ie premium brands whose clothes can be “caught” for reasonable money. They design very fashionable clothes that go well with any summer style high-end brands produce many different models of t-shirts that are the latest fashion. Their range includes light, airy, feminine T-shirts that go with every outfit and every element of the lower wardrobe. The articles in the range of premium brands correspond to trousers and skirts – this of course depends on the T-shirt model. However, premium branded clothing has its own original style, which is difficult to fake, as each company has a completely different approach to clothing design.

Some summer blouses designed by the biggest fashion houses set summer trends and you will find them in their offer, for example Spanish or boho. However, blouses are not cheap, and this is due to the brand and the quality of the workmanship, and precisely because of the materials used. It is worth considering that not all premium brands offer expensive clothing that is not affordable for most people.

Nice summer blouses from popular retail chains

High-end designer clothes are not always affordable for most people. Most Polish women dress in chain stores and there is nothing wrong with that, especially when a particular store sells clothes made from materials used by premium brands. Importantly, in the so-called In chain stores you will find plain models that are airy and for women with a slim figure, and you will also find poses that hide imperfections – such proposals are a very good choice for women with larger curves who look in the summer to look phenomenal.

Not all retail chains sell poor quality clothing, as is common in public opinion. Zara is one of the popular chain stores whose products are made of really high quality. This Spanish giant offers its customers clothes that are perfect as a base for any summer outfit. The clothes you can find at Zara outlets are loved by influencers, not just those from Poland. In their offer you will find blouses for the summer, which will be airy, but also extremely charming and feminine. If you’re looking for more elegant clothes, you’ll also find such items in Zara’s iconic range. In their assortment you can even come across openwork models. Importantly, this retail chain very often has an occasional sale, where you can buy fashionable clothes up to 50% cheaper!

Another popular chain of stores where many people shop and enjoy a reputation is H&M. This Swedish giant offers high quality clothing at very affordable prices. In the range of this store you will find products that will be a good choice for every woman, regardless of the shape of the figure. They offer both Spanish and boho blouses that are perfect for summer days. Their wide range of summer blouses will convince even mature women who need more elegant models. H&M has a special section where they offer more formal wear. Interestingly, the Swedish giant often collaborates with several well-known brands known from the world of streetwear, so if you are looking for products that perfectly match your style, you will certainly find items that meet your expectations in this store.

What should you look for when looking for a summer blouse?

When looking for the right blouse for the summer, it is worth paying attention to some details that can determine whether a particular item will be perfect for the summer. One of those details is the material the T-shirt is made of. First of all, the suitable fabric is cotton, which is quite a heavy material, but airy T-shirts made from it are the right choice.

It is also worth considering the cut of the blouse for the summer. Currently, models that are short or have cutouts are in fashion. The styles that will be perfect for slightly more mature women are Spanish, boho or openwork. Such blouses go well with any summer outfit and go well with both trousers and a skirt. Definitely consider buying such clothes.

The difference between A-brands and retail chains

When choosing clothes for the summer, many of you take into account the brand that made the garment. In a sense, this is a mistake due to the fact that, contrary to appearances, the clothes of high-end brands do not make clothes of much better quality (of course it depends on which company). Clothing from chain stores and niche premium brands is made from similar quality materials and basically you are paying for a logo sewn onto the label or fabric of the blouse. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy premium designer clothes – their motifs are unique and it’s hard to find good alternatives in popular chain stores. Summer blouses that you can find in chain stores can be a good solution if you don’t care about the brand that made the garment.

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