The hit RMF FM train has reached its destination. “We will remember the journey for a long time”

It was more than 12 hours of travel, more than a thousand kilometers and dozens of autographs given by stars. The hit RMF FM train – along with our listeners and stars – has reached the Tri-City. “We will remember the past twelve hours for a long time,” the passengers said.

The train was on from Wrocław to the Tri-City, and on the way he stopped in Katowice, Krakow and Warsaw.

At successive stations, more stars joined our Hit Train. Of course there was also a special party car.

With us they were: Mesajah, Wiktor Dyduła, Lanberry, Danzel, ENEJ, Margaret, Michał Szpak, Blue Cafe and Artur Siódmiak.

Today I walked 12 kilometers in this train. There was something to walk, there was nothing to dance and something to sing said one of the passengers. I want to drive it again in a year – she added.

We have continuously followed the whole route on RMF FM and on the website, as well as on the social profiles of our station.

The hit RMF FM train has reached its destination, the Tri-City! The stations Sopot, Gdańsk and Gdynia are behind us. The band Enej performed in Gdansk.

A special team has just passed through Malbork. The next station is Gdansk. At the moment the Blockbuster RMF FM Train is traveling at a speed of almost 130 km/h! Closer to the target!

Our train is of course full of attractions! Margaret went on a tour of the compartments and Michał Szpak went with her fan for a little manicure!

The clash of the Titans is behind us! Tomasz Olbratowski duels with Artur Siódmiak!

The challenging RMF FM train travels at an average speed of 120 kilometers per hour. No wonder the train with the yellow locomotive is already between Ciechanów and Malbork!

Shortly after he left Warsaw, Lanberry stood at the microphone. The concert car was filled to the brim and energetic sounds poured out of the speakers! There is power!

The next station of the yellow-blue train station is Ciechanów.

The hit RMF FM train has arrived in Poland’s capital! Michał Szpak got into our party, yellow and blue squad in Warsaw and – how can you hear it – it happened!

The latest pictures of our yellow and blue train have just arrived, where you can see our amazing artists performing in an amazing train.

The long-awaited column by Tomasz Olbratowski should not be missing in Przebojowy Train.

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