Police officers from Częstochowa from the Prevention Department have been conducting the “Summer in the countryside” campaign together with the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) for two years now. The aim is to promote safe behavior of children and young people from the countryside or who stay in the countryside during their holiday. One of the educational meetings took place in July. In Pabianice, representatives of both institutions met children from the colony.

The regional branch of KRUS in Częstochowa is happy to take joint initiatives with the police and the fire service, aimed at raising the awareness of the inhabitants of Śląskie Voivodeship, in particular children and young people, with regard to maintaining safety , not only on the farm, but also on the public road or in leisure time. He has been working closely with the Częstochowa City Police Station for two years as part of the “Summer in the Country” campaign. – Protecting children from accidents is our priority. KRUS has been conducting preventive campaigns for years in which we pay attention to the threats faced by children in rural areas. And especially the vacation time brings different dangers, so we are very willing to cooperate with different institutions. The situation with the police in Częstochowa is very fruitful – says the director of KRUS in Częstochowa, Piotr Dobosz. As he emphasizes, very good results have been achieved thanks to these years of activities, as the number of accidents in rural areas has clearly decreased. – According to statistics, the accident rate for 2021 was 4.8, which in comparison with other provinces shows that agricultural accidents are the least common in our province. In the past 5 years, the regional branch of KRUS in Częstochowa has reduced the number of accidents by more than 50 percent and again our region has proven to be the safest area for agricultural activities – adds Director Drummer.

In Pabianice, as part of the “Summer in the Country” campaign, the younger aspiring Kamil Sowiński met children. More than 70 settlers aged 7 to 17 were introduced to the general rules of proper behavior in lieu of leisure and the rules for maintaining road safety. He also warned against using unguarded bathing areas, lighting fires or organizing games in dangerous places. Children learned that it is absolutely necessary to fasten seat belts and travel in the car in an adapted child seat. The rules for moving on the road, crossing the road correctly, as well as the rules of limited trust towards strangers have been established. An attraction for the youngest was a show of training a service dog, led by aspiring Tomasz Powązke, combined with a lecture on how to behave when encountering an aggressive animal.

On the other hand, Roksana Kmiecik, a representative of KRUS in Częstochowa, told about working safely on a farm. She pointed out that you should not play near working farm equipment as an accident can happen quickly. – Among the numerous campaigns conducted by the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, it places particular emphasis on the principles of: working safely with animals as well as with agricultural machinery and machinery, as well as avoiding falls on a farm, taking care of bones and joints during the work and the prevention of bites by ticks – she emphasized R. Kmiecik.

Director Dobosz explains that the most comprehensive category of accidents are the events from the “fall of people” group. – Also in this category we have managed to significantly minimize the frequency of occurrences because of the 189 registered accidents in 2016, it was possible to reduce this to 91 accidents in 2021 – he states.

In 2021, 248 activities were performed at KRUS in Częstochowain which A total of 9992 participants took part, and these included: trainings, competitions, information stands, exhibitions and demonstrations aimed at farmers, their families, people related to the rural environment, children, adolescents and students of agricultural schools, although their organization was undoubtedly difficult. However, to meet the challenges, we organized some activities online and held competitions for children by letter, where in total, more than 2,500 children took part

photo: KMP Częstochowa

Gazeta Częstochowska

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