[SPT #220] Android 12L will change the face of big screens

The holidays are in full swing and the weather is good. High air temperatures encourage you to take a bath in the Baltic Sea. You should also take care of the smartphone so that it does not overheat in the sun and does not stay in the water for too long. However, this post is not about it, because in SPT you will find, as always, the most important information of the past days. Here’s the two hundred and twentieth subjective summary of the week. It is worth getting acquainted with the Android 12L system here.

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Praise – Android 12L will change the face of big screens

Android 12L in preparation. Do you remember 2012 and Android Honeycomb? These were the days when Google cared about tablet software. It’s true that it wasn’t perfect and had a tacky appearance, but the tablets could be distinguished by extra features or a different interface design. Unfortunately, this idea has been abandoned, but after 10 years Google is coming back to it on the occasion of smartphones with foldable screens. The American giant is testing special software for them, which will mainly strengthen multitasking and application compatibility. We already know that Android 12L is going to devices from Samsung, Microsoft and Lenovo. I wonder how Samsung will optimize the system for its One UI overlay, which already includes great multitasking capabilities. The name of the system seems misleading, or rather the number “12” – Google will release Android 13 in a few weeks. Either way, creating dedicated software for niche hardware is a step in the right direction.

Distance learning continues! The pandemic period had a negative impact on the mental health of many people. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to reaping hundreds of thousands of deaths, has changed the way we function in society. The lockdown period forced universities and schools to develop different teaching methods. Of course, they were not always effective and efficient. It was hard to tell if the audience on the other side of the screen was actually attending the lecture or class. However, such a revolution was necessary. It helped to strengthen or acquire computer and software skills – even nowadays many people have problems with this. Universities have wanted to introduce the option of distance or hybrid learning as a supplement for years. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this process. This allows many universities to extend their services to courses, training or postgraduate studies delivered at a distance. In addition, administrative services for employees and the so-called Paperwork have become easier and faster to implement. I see many positive aspects in this sudden revolution that will evolve to provide even better services to universities and academies, as well as schools.

Bing Maps isn’t that bad. For a few days, I had the opportunity to test Microsoft’s Bing Maps. It turned out that the Redmond giant is slowly catching up with the competition. We see here, among other things: a well-functioning travel planner, taking into account public transport, an aesthetic interface or satellite maps. Microsoft even boasted a feature that lets you check fuel prices at gas stations in the U.S. Unfortunately this option does not work in Poland. However, it’s worth noting that Bing Maps loses out in terms of functionality to its main competitor – Google Maps. We will not find here the possibility to search for radars or view public transport live. Microsoft didn’t make an application for smartphones – that’s a shame!

Criticism – Teams as a Social Network

Social networking site on Teams. Microsoft has a lot of good ideas when it comes to software. I like the direction Windows has evolved, the Office application is also to be commended. The Teams program proved to be very useful, without which hardly anyone can imagine working or learning remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among other things, this area is getting new features that may annoy you. Microsoft presented Viva Engage – a social section moving to Microsoft 365 and Teams. I am against combining private life with work. It is a misconception to share your daily stories with bosses in stories or posts. On the other hand, not using these features can create pressure or lead to bullying. Such a novelty will do more harm than good.

Netflix is ​​losing users again. The American streaming giant presented its financial results for the coming quarter. Already in the previous period, the company announced that it lost a significant number of users for the first time in history. Now the situation is repeating itself and Netflix has lost more than a million subscribers. There is no need to panic about this, of course, as the company is still ahead of its competitors and no one will threaten it in the near future. However, competitors such as Disney+ and Apple TV have much higher quality content than Netflix. This company releases a large number of movies and series that are cheap to produce, and its potential success generates huge margins. The classic example is Squid Game. It is worth adding that despite the decline in the number of users, the company’s revenue has increased by 9% compared to the same period a year earlier. Perhaps the low quality of the series is one of the reasons why people are starting to distance themselves from the giant and move to the competition. The company will “save” itself by introducing a new type of subscription for users that will include advertising. In Poland, such a service is provided by, for example, IPLA – when watching the series, several commercial breaks are shown. May it not turn out that some of them will switch to the new plan and the revenue of the giant will fall. Another problem with Netflix is ​​account sharing, which can be curtailed, but the company counts on user integrity.

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