Sentiment like rose-colored glasses – I’m back in the Gothic series and still can’t get enough!

Ahh… That feeling. Let me tell you something before the introduction. Recently I decided to refresh the whole series again Gothic, I went over a one and started playing two. One day my chosen one came to me, who just looked at the monitor, turned around and threw disrespectfully… “Same again.” I was seriously wondering what she meant and guess what? Is right. I still play, watch and read the same antiquities that gave me pink sentiment glasses. I lost all objectivity and common sense in this subject a long time ago.

The Gothic series, which is the same for the 20th time. Is it already a disease?

Tired of going back to old games? I think so. 20. So many times I have managed to finish Gothic 2 in different variations. On mods, with an add-on, no add-on, all possible character builds. Again and again. Which is funny – I didn’t notice it at all.

I only realized this by looking at the numbers. On Steam alone, I lost 116 hours in two, 37 hours in one. Somehow I’m less willing to return to Gothic 3. Not much, but I only recently started playing the steam version of the game. Previously I used the CD version, because it doesn’t count lost hours. I’ve spent hundreds, hundreds of hours in a world I know by heart, talking to me by heart and getting involved in a story I know by heart.

I should also note that I am aware that this is not the best game in the world. I’ll never admit it to myself, but I try to keep my head up and if anyone brings up the obvious flaws of Gothic, they just agree. This game is weak, the plot has a lot of holes, the mechanics are just for the tenacity, and the two of the Night of the Raven itself were Souls before it was fashionable. This is the rose-colored glasses of sentiment, I know what it’s like, but I don’t want to accept it in my life for anything.

Why do we so often return to what we already know?

In my case, these are probably very fond memories of a particular work. In the past, games, movies and series were not widely available. I can’t wait for a new game for a very long time. The internet in the village where I lived didn’t appear until 2009 and was cruelly limited, and I could only dream of a movie rental shop. It is these limitations that have made me who I am today. That’s why I remember so well the few works I had access to at the time. This is also the reason why I can often play the same game or watch the same movie. This is what I used to do, so why stop?

This is undoubtedly a matter of our psyche. How we perceive certain things and how biased we can be by them. In this he surprises himself. I have always had the impression that I am quite open to new cultural works. I like to play something new, I like to go to the cinema or the theatre, I like to try out new books. I generally do not create an inner bubble full of antiquity. Still! There are things that have stuck in my memory, shaped my tastes and interests.

Sentiment is pink glasses we want to wear

I’m glad I’m not the only freak who thinks the same. I don’t mean gothic. Also view many other productions. I know people who pass at least once a year Fallout 2 or the first mafia in the original, although we’ve had a remake of it for a while now. This is indicated by the huge modding scene. Just look at how many talented people keep the iconic games alive and how many people still want to play them.

An example is the “Chronicles of Myrtana”, which were published late last year. A mod for Gothic 2, a mod so awesome that some people even call it a second addition and others a new game. Anyway, check out the Chronicles of Myrtana stats against the fresh Elex 2. Why does it compare to Elex? Because the original Gothic 2 was developed by the same studio as Elexa. Of course, it should be remembered that almost none of the people who created Gothic also created Elex, but this only shows a certain bar, which for the modern form of the studio is practically impossible to overcome …

If you want to check the steam stats for individual games yourself, you can do it here:

Keep in mind that Elex 2 was released later than the Myrtana Chronicles. It just shows how sentimental we are. How much we want to wear rose-colored glasses. Let me tell you that, personally, the Myrtana Chronicles was the best premiere of the past year for me. I spent a total of 230 hours in this mod and I still feel like I haven’t done everything.

Our sentiment and tendency to come back has its positive effects. As we have already discussed about the example of the Gothic, let’s stick with him. Until recently, it seemed that the brand was completely dead. However, that was not quite the case. THQ Nordic is dynamically working on the remake of the first part, The Chronicles of Myrtana proved to be a huge success and mod of the year, and in Gothic itself, there are still more people playing on Steam than many new games. We’re sentimental, but should you do something about it? Personally, I don’t think I will, and I’ll probably go back to the good old Gothic and other games, movies, series that I look at through rose-colored glasses.

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