Opening of the Pelješki Bridge in Croatia. It shortens the journey by car to Dubrovnik

  • The southern part of Croatia is cut off from the rest of the country by a narrow stretch of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • To get there you have to cross the border twice, which causes a lot of traffic jams during the season.
  • That will change on July 26. Croatia opens the Pelješka Bridge, which bypasses the Croatian-Bosniak border. It connects the southernmost Croatian exclave with the rest of the country, bypassing the Bosnian Neum.
  • Croatia joined the European Union in 2013, but is not part of the Schengen area. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a candidate country.

Multi-span cable-stayed bridge over Mali Ston Bay (Croatian Malostonsky Zaljev) has 2404 meters long and 22.5 meters wide. leads to him a total of 20 km of access roads.

The road is at the highest point at a height of 55 meters, which should allow the passage of ships to the port of Neum. And the pylons reach height 170 meters above the waterline (115 meters from the road and over 240 meters from the bottom of the bay).

The structure consists of: thirteen spansSeven of which are hanging – five central ones are 285 meters high, two external ones are 203.5 meters high.

The investment also included two smaller bridges on the Pelješac peninsula and two tunnels with a total length of 2.5 kilometers. The road from Ploče over the bridge towards Ston and further south to Dubrovnik is four lane highway.

Concept for the construction of the Pelješki Bridge was established in 2005, although the first plans date back to 1997. Initially, the investment was met with strong protest from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and therefore the works were halted.

Construction resumed at the end of 2007, but due to the economic crisis the work was not fast.

Meanwhile, the construction of the bridge was stopped again and finally, with the support of the European Union, the work was accelerated and it will be completed in July 2021.

Due to the need to build access roads, the commissioning of the building was postponed until July 2022.

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Opening of the Pelješki Bridge it must be very grand and solemn. According to Total Croatia News, the first car to cross the intersection will be the most powerful electric car produced by the Croatian company Rimac Automobil – Rimac Nevera.

The car is ready to take off from the other side driver Niko Pulica three-time European champion, and the vehicles will pass each other in the heat of fireworks.

The party starts at 8:15 PM local time and lasts until 10:00 PM. Everything is broadcast by Croatian TV.

In total, several hundred people were invited, including Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commissionsince most of the investments were co-financed by the European Union. Since a Chinese company won the tender, a video link with: Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiangthat is intended to speak to guests.

Due to the fireworks installed on the bridge, it is not possible to cross it during the day. The official name it will bear when you open it Peljeski Most.

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