Kasia Kurdej sings in the language of elves. In the clip, Basia Kurdej Satan naked with her husband

Nude frames and Tolkien’s elfin atmosphere in the song of the music project of Katarzyna Kurda and her sister Basia Kurdej-Satan. The music and acting family shot an emotional music video for the song, in which a couple of actors known from television, Basia Kurdej-Szatan and her husband Rafał Szatan, show tenderness in the bosom of nature. What is the MaKuSza project and where did the idea for the unreal Rivendell elf world come from?

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Word MaKuSza comes from the names of three participants in the project: Piotr Mani (music), Katarzyna Kurdej (text and vocals), Barbara Kurdej-Szatan and Rafał Szatan (vocals and participation in the video clip), as well as their children. The family team was formed at the beginning of the pandemic. It was then that artists who have a busy daily schedule decided to sit down in the studio together and start creating. This is how the songs “Winne Spotkania” and “Matka” were born, which were published almost two years ago. In their work the artists mix the popular atmosphere with a mixture of magic and nature worship.

Eliphite song of the Kurda sisters

Recently, the sisters bragged about a new project. The latest song released by the MaKuSza band is called “Eithel” which means the source in the Elf language. The lyrics are written by Katarzyna Kurdej in the language of Tolkien’s elves. The song carries magical and emotional overtones. Piotr Mania, the husband of the actress of the Musical Theater in Gdynia, was responsible for the musical layer. The piece is bathed in folk climates and ethnic sounds spiced with non-existent, but intriguing-sounding language and takes the listeners into the world of fairy tales.

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– It started with the fact that I wrote the text in Elves. I am a big fan of Tolkien. I love “Lord of the Rings”, “The Hobbit”, and so do my kids. I’ve always really liked the characters of elves and I’m fascinated by Tolkien himself, who has created languages ​​for his own book. While working on the piece, I used online dictionaries created by Tolkien fans, two dialects to be exact: Sindarin and Quenya. I allowed myself to be free, I didn’t cling to one dialect. I mainly focused on the rhythm, the meaning of the words, their sound and how they will sing. Later on, my husband made music for it that I find very cinematic, and it matched my lyrics. And finally, we invited Basia and Rafał and our children to sing the choirs. This is our family project. We have long wondered whether the piece should sound more entertaining or sound like classical music. In the end I think we have found such a perfect middle ground – he says Katarzyna Kurdejactress, singer and member of the band MaKuSza.

Emotional music video with nudity in the frame

An atmospheric video clip has been made for the song, full of references to nature. You will see Barbara Kurdej-Satan and Rafał Szatan, among others, who walk naked in the meadow and pay tribute to Mother Nature. Nature and human contact with it were especially important to the makers, so the video is enriched with beautiful landscapes, forests and a beach.

– “Eithel”, from the Elven language – source. We invite you to a musical experience in harmony with nature. Out of love for mother earth, the extraordinary nature of which we are inseparable. We sing choirs with Rafał and our children and we recorded a music video together – she wrote Basia Kurdej-Satan on social media.
Basia is mainly associated as an actress and presenter, but don’t forget that she also does well vocally. Participated in “X Factor” with Soul City, “Mask Singer” and in “Your Face Sounds Familiar” among others. It is worth noting that in addition to local musicians, they were also involved in the new project Przemyslaw Burda and Maria Trębińska. Przemysław, also known as the Light Craftsman, the Music Theater’s chief photographer, was responsible for the video clip, and Maria Trębińska, also associated with the Gdynia Theater, for the make-up.

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