Hurry up, but pee in a hurry. Because PKS doesn’t wait

– For the first time in my 25-year life I was really in such a shock – says Majka. She is from Dąbrowa Górnicza, has been living and working in Zamość for 5 years. She visits her family regularly. It has used the services of various carriers many times. Nothing happened to her like on Sunday, July 17, when she took the PKS Biłgoraj bus for the second time on the route from Zamość to Krakow. This trip cost her so much nerves that she decided to write about her extremely unpleasant “adventure” on several Facebook groups. – As a warning to other passengers, but in a sense also to this PKS, which may now treat its customers differently – explains the young woman.

Long line to the toilet

On the route, in Stalowa Wola, the bus stopped at the station and the driver announced a 10-minute break. Our interlocutor, like several other people, decided to go to the toilet. She found her at the bar. There was only one hut, the line was long and Mrs. Majka was standing at the end of it. Once she’d done what she had to do, she came back and then…stunned. She saw her bus leave. She tried to chase him. – The driver slowed down for a moment, I was sure he saw me, so I stopped, but then he drove on, the 25-year-old recalls.

Luckily she had a phone with her. She nervously searched for some phone numbers for PKS in Biłgoraj. No one answered. She called her friend in Zamość. He went to the station and gave the number to the operator. Mrs. Majka called him. And then she got another shock.

“Before good morning he rubbed my face at me, he called me a shit that no one would come back for me because I would have to watch the time for 10 minutes” – she described her experience on social media. Finally, the dispatcher contacted the driver, who agreed to wait for the passenger, but he was already before Tarnobrzeg, ie about 30 km from Stalowa Wola. The woman had to overcome this episode by taxi. She paid 150 PLN for the trip, so if you add up the ticket cost of about PLN 80, this trip to Krakow really cost her a lot. – And when I got on the bus, the driver just growled something disgruntled, suggested that I apologize because they had to stand because of me – he says.

She admits she was aware that the stop should have been a 10-minute stop and the driver talked about it, but she’s also disappointed with how she was treated in the end.

PKS is not a taxi

What does Bilgoraj bus station say?

Simply put – bus trips are not individual transport, there is a timetable and many passengers go or want to take a particular bus. The driver, yes, can wait an extra moment for the passenger, but he must know that such a passenger exists and intends to board the bus – and the passenger has not informed anyone that he was waiting in line and intends to continue with the bus trip – answers on behalf of the company Piotr Frankowski of Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Przemysław Trawiński.

And he asks rhetorically, “If you buy a ticket for a public transport bus, would you hold a grudge that the bus wasn’t waiting for you, but left according to the timetable?”

It also explains that, in accordance with the legal provisions, public transport is “generally available, regular passenger transport operated at certain intervals and along a specific communication line, communication lines or communication network”, while the law “expressly obliges the carrier to comply with the timetable”.

– In other words, when boarding a train or bus, you cannot expect the means of transport to be exclusive to the traveler. A regular intercity bus is not a taxi, it carries more than one person and has to take care of not only one passenger, but also everyone else – says the lawyer.

Unequal Dissolution?

And Mrs. Majka agrees with him. Although he still thinks it could have been different. She would have behaved differently had it not been for her previous, first trip on the PKS Biłgoraj bus. Because she also traveled from Zamość to Krakow on July 1, also on the course at 8 am. The only difference is that it was Friday then, not Sunday, and then, according to her account, the journey was completely different.

– There was no stop at all in Stalowa Wola, only somewhere further along, halfway, I don’t even know where, but then we stood for about 30 minutes – says the woman. He adds that the bus also stopped at the same place during this unfortunate journey on July 17, but the stopping time was reduced by as much as the vehicle was waiting for a passenger for Tarnobrzeg.

She explains that it was because of her previous experiences that it did not occur to her that 10 minutes should categorically be 10 minutes (from the information provided by Piotr Frankowski, based on the data from the tachograph, it appears that the bus in Stalowa Wola after 11 minutes ) and that the driver will not ensure that all passengers are back from a break, especially since only a dozen people were traveling on the bus.

But PKS Biłgoraj’s lawyer has his own to refute these arguments. “Full verification of the number of passengers boarding and disembarking is not only impossible, but also groundless. Firstly, the number of passengers is sometimes significant and it is unclear how it will be carried out, and the most effective methods, such as giving passengers geolocation chips, could be seen as a far-reaching invasion of their privacy – it would be a valid objection, by the way. “- we read in the e-mail sent to our editors. And then: ”Please note that passengers often get off at different stops (both earlier and later) than would appear on their tickets, and they do this for different reasons.

It’s all true. But the truth is also that Majka announces that she will never travel with PKS Biłgoraj from Zamość to Krakow again. On the other hand, he plans to visit his family in Silesia regularly.

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