How do Poles spend their summer holidays? The research results

Every third Pole will spend between 8 and 14 days this summer vacation. Every fifth planned a rest on the coast, and every fourth in his hometown. Amusement parks, local attractions and physical activities, mainly related to water sports, are the favorite ideas for summer recreation. These are the conclusions of the study “Holiday habits of Poland – Summer 2022” from the website presents.

Where do we prefer to go on holiday in Poland?

The sea has been the favorite destination for Polish national holidays for years. This year, every fifth Pole will go to the Baltic Sea, according to statements submitted in the investigation. As many as 25% of those surveyed plan to rest in their hometown this year. This may be due to the current economic situation, as 37% of respondents indicate that they will not be able to go on holiday this year. 12% of the Poles interviewed chose a trip to the mountains, lakes such as Masuria and 10% of those polled. Among the respondents of the survey, there are also many people who want to travel through Poland – 18% of the respondents plan to spend the holiday this year this way. Many people will also travel in the city break formula to visit different cities and enjoy their attractions – 14%.

How long does our holiday leave last?

For 38% of the Poles surveyed, the summer holidays last between 8 and 14 days. Only 9% of respondents can afford a holiday of more than 14 days. For 24% of the respondents, the holiday lasts a maximum of 7 days. On the other hand, 11% of the respondents indicate that during this holiday they will only take a holiday on weekends, and 18% do not go on holiday in the summer.

What makes a successful holiday?

According to 23% of the respondents, the most important criteria for a successful holiday are good company and beautiful sunny weather according to 21%. Equally important are attractions for children, which will keep them from getting bored – as indicated by every fifth respondent. Good lodging conditions and attractions are also important, which can become great memories after returning home.

Summer vacation is the time when we visit theme parks most often – 31% of the comments and we devote ourselves to visiting places of interest and local attractions – 29% of the comments. Preferred forms of relaxation also include physical activity in the form of, for example, water sports and sports in the air.

Flyboarding, jet skis or bungee jumping, in summer we are more inclined to try different sports with a dose of adrenaline. Our research showed that every second Pole asked by us thinks the summer holidays are a good time to try extreme sports. Every third respondent said it was a great idea to make the holiday more attractive and leave great memories. – says Aleksandra Skrzyńska from the website presentmarzeń.

What consumes the most holiday budget?

Access to leisure and subsistence costs are the two main items that take up the lion’s share of Polish budget leave. Meal costs came in third – with 19% of responses. Unfortunately, as many as 57% of respondents fear that leisure activities will be very expensive this year with post-pandemic prices and high inflation. For 37%, the current economic situation is the reason to cancel the holiday. On the other hand, 33% admit they can afford a vacation but need to save while traveling.

Vacation is a time of rest, but also a time when dreams can come true. Therefore, the service presented by the Presentation questionnaire asked Poland to conduct the survey which dream related to unusual activity that they would like to fulfill from the indicated attractions: parachute jump, bungee jump, flyboard, balloon flight, motorboat or personal watercraft cruise, motorbike hang glider or paraglider flight, luxury car ride. It turned out that the largest number of respondents, 26%, indicated a parachute jump. The second position was occupied by a motorboat or personal watercraft – 21% of the responses. In the third position, the respondents indicated bungee jumping.

We are looking forward to the summer holidays, so we want it to give us as many positive impressions as possible. Good company, good weather and the opportunity to take advantage of interesting attractions are factors that have a major impact on the quality of our rest.

* The survey “Holiday habits of Poland – Summer 2022” was conducted by the website Widokmrzeń on a sample of 1,237 respondents in the form of an online survey in June 2022.

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