Credits for medical studies. Prepared 6 contracts and 70 applications. Residents crush the project, the Secretary of State defends it

  • The Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, inquired about 6 loan agreements for medical studies with the option to cancel the loan
  • We are talking about loans for medical students in extramural mode
  • The idea is implemented by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego as the financial operator and Pekao SA – the lender
  • The Residents’ Agreement was critical of the Ministry of Health’s new idea
  • In an interview with Puls Medycyny, Secretary of State Piotr Bromber said he “sees nothing wrong” in this form of student support

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6 loan agreements and “nice cooperation”

– We already have 6 loan agreements for medical studies, with the option to cancel the loan completely. More than 70 other applications are pending. Thank you BGK and Pekao SA for the great cooperation – Health Minister Adam Niedzielski wrote on Twitter.

Let’s not forget: on July 13, an agreement was signed between Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Bank Pekao SA. The agreement concerned the transfer of funds under student loans for medical studies in our country. The financial operator of the project is Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, while the direct lender is Pekao SA, and everything is done under the auspices of the Ministry of Health.

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Residents’ agreement: loans should be strongly discouraged

Physicians from the Residents’ Alliance commented on the topic. – Probably many of you know someone who wants to take advantage of this offer – in our opinion it should be strongly discouraged! – the doctors write.

– The doctor’s salary is known – the minimum is the percentage of the national average, depending on whether you are an intern, resident or specialist – so everything can be calculated and estimated. However, the interest on this loan is variable, ie depending on the interest rate set by the NBP. At the moment it is set at 9.86 percent, but it’s impossible to say how this will change in the coming years – notes the Resident Agreement.

PR also emphasizes that the above findings “don’t make it possible to count how much time on the doctor’s salary it takes to pay it off”, and “having a loan reduces credit, so it can make it impossible to get a loan in the future, for example for an apartment”. – In short, this agreement is accompanied by great financial uncertainty – estimate the GPs.

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Choosing a deficit specialization as one of the loan repayment conditions

So how exactly would student loan cancellation work? Residents have collected a number of conditions:

  • the only body that decides on the full or partial cancellation of the loan is the Ministry of Health;
  • the loan is provided only for the medical faculty and no longer than 6 years – it is important to write entire studies, you can not resign from it or change direction;
  • do you choose a deficient specialization after graduation, ie one of the specializations with the greatest staff shortages;
  • after graduation, you must also work in public health for 10 years within 12 consecutive years from the date of graduation.

– In our opinion, these are very restrictive, long-term and volatile conditions – residents complain. They add that “the striking general observation is the sheer complexity of this loan.” – There are a lot of complex terms and rules that make the whole thing very difficult to understand which is a huge drawback – student loans have to be simple, clear and reliable. So that a young person can understand what he is writing for without having to research the economic and legal complexities – they emphasize.

– The whole of the conditions of this agreement leads us to the opinion that the intention is not to support young people in their studies, but to bind them to the healthcare system – summarizes the Residents Agreement. And adds:

– So our advice – graduate high school, don’t get caught up in complicated contracts for years, improve your high school diploma and be free of obligations!

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Piotr Bromber on student loans

Deputy Health Minister Piotr Bromber said in an interview with Puls Medycyny, referring to the issue of student loans:

– The student’s family is in no way burdened with it. It is also worth paying attention to the low interest rate on the loan offered. In my opinion, this is a fair, affordable and previously unavailable offer. In addition, it will be possible, after meeting the conditions, to take advantage of the loan repayment – recalled the Deputy Minister.

He added that “he sees nothing wrong” in the incentive to work in the form of being able to repay the loan on the condition that at least 10 years in public health within 12 years of graduation. – It will not be an obligation – he emphasized.

Bromber also does not want to see a second bottom in loans.

– The allegations of hidden intentions of the ministry, formulated by some representatives of the environment and media, are not justified. A loan for medical studies is just a proposal to support students, especially those less fortunate – he said.

He also assured that “the quality of education – including in paid studies – is constantly monitored, and thanks to new standards we will ensure that even more”.

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