Ciao, we’re kicking off Piaggio Week in #OperacjaSummer! Premiere on three wheels and alternative to motorcycles …

We get on scooters from Piaggio, and that can only mean one thing: The fourth week of Operation Summer, it’s time to get started! See what we’ll be riding (the premiere of MP3 530 Exclusive!!), what questions we’ll answer and when we’ll invite you for a pizza!

Operation Summer 2022 started at the beginning of July and on Monday 15 July we entered the fourth week, Piaggio week!

Piaggio Week Kick-Off Video:

Our entire summer operation is divided into five intensive weeks touring motorcycles, along with tests, photo galleries and meetings. In this way, each of you will have the chance to get to know Piaggio scooters better, watch interesting movies, read addictive tests and just admire different motorcycles – a lot of entertainment is guaranteed!

We started Piaggio week with a hot Italian premiere – we were the first in Poland to get a demonstration of the art of a brand new, three-wheeled Piaggio MP3 530 Exclusive. Admittedly, someone has already driven it somewhere in Italy, but it was during Operation Summer that the MP-3’s first drive to Polish tarmac took place. This scooter has 3 wheels, has 44 HP power, can stand upright, has a reverse gear and a reversing camera – technical details can be found in the press release on MP3 530. The chassis structure and type approval allow it to be used on a B car driver’s license. a video with first impressions on our FB and on the portal!

We also ride a scooter Piaggio Beverly 400 – thanks to the large wheels, it is comfortable and multitasking, and the large engine translates into many emotions. Could it be an ideal alternative for urban use, intended for a motorcyclist who already owns, for example, a sports or heavy touring motorcycle? We’ll answer this question in the main movie (on Sundays on YT!), and first impressions soon.

It came to us too Piaggio Medley 125. Thanks to the 125 engine, it can be driven by anyone who has held a category B driving license for at least three years. It has large wheels, is light, manoeuvrable and shockingly practical. Quick feedback coming soon!

Meeting with Piaggio – we go for a pizza!

We invite you on Thursday 28 August under National Stadium. Traditionally we meet in the evening around 7pm (details can be found on Instagram stories @, but since we have Italian Piaggio week, we invite you to Italian pizza! we will meet all, we will go through the city together, we stay in a climate restaurantand we will eat there Pizza – bluntly, Motogen says:! You can’t miss it – whichever bike you ride!

#OperacjaLato @ competition

CONTEST! Don’t forget him. This is because you can easily get 5 times the Schuberth C5 helmet, or the Motul chemical backpack, or 5 purchase vouchers of 4 Ride, or 5 sets of brake pads or other gadgets. All you need is a motorcycle photo! Details in the competition post.

Operation Summer 2022, meetings, competition!

But it’s not all. It is worth following the activities on social media (Fanpage on FB and profile on Instagram), because also has some surprises, meetings and competitions in the agenda. What better plan for July and part of August than intense motorcycle fun?

Summer 2022 operation schedule:

– July 4-10 – Suzuki
– July 11-17 – Yamaha
– July 18-24 – BMW Motorrad
– July 25-31 – Piaggio
– August 1-7 – Kawasaki

Operation Summer can take place thanks to partners

Operation Summer is organized for you by, but it couldn’t have happened if we weren’t joined by many motorcycle-loving companies, such as:
– 4 RIDE,
– as well as importers of motorcycles from the above scheme.

Thank you to all these can create interesting and fascinating materials, organize trips and create designs for recordings. With the help of partners awards in competitions for motorcyclists, they are truly remarkable.

Stay tuned and now add to viewed Fanpage on FB and Instagram profile, follow feeds, reports and stories!

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