“Are we there yet?” Don’t be like Shrek, overcome travel boredom this easy way

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Riddles on the way. How do you make a long holiday ride more exciting for children?

The question “are we still far?” is a hit during holiday trips. That is why it is so important to prepare for the trip together with your child and find an interesting activity for him. One of the ideas can be puzzles that will not only entertain you, but also teach you something. See what puzzles we have prepared for a trip with a child.

Traveling with your baby by car or train can be fun, but it’s only for a short time. Ideas for taking a child out with coloring pages or toys also sometimes stop. There comes a time when we still have a few hours to go, and the toddler starts to growl, whine, and keep asking how long we’re going to stay.

To avoid this, we can plan a series of puzzles that will keep the child busy during the holidays.

Riddles are not just an idea for an interesting way to spend time. It is also a great way to stimulate your children’s thinking and creativity. To develop their imagination and intelligence, with short questions to answer.

The puzzles allow the child to learn more about the world. It is a perfect combination of learning and fun.

See what puzzles we have prepared for a trip with a child.

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  1. Simple puzzles for the little ones
  2. Logic puzzles to think about
  3. math puzzles
  4. Gollum puzzles
  5. Guess what I see

Holiday with a child – a car trip

Simple puzzles for the little ones

See if your preschooler can handle these puzzles. There can be a lot of laughs coming up with answers.

  • What gets wet when wiping? (answer: towel)
  • I follow you all the time and copy all your moves, but you can’t touch or catch me. (answer: shadow)
  • When I unscrew it, I wash my hands. (answer: crane)
  • He catches mice in the silence of the night. (answer: cat)
  • He has good habits, he gives milk to people. (answer: cow)
  • Today we have an easy puzzle who is mother’s mother. (answer: grandma)
  • What can we hold in the left hand and not in the right hand? (answer: left elbow)
  • What does not say, but responds to your words? (answer: echo)
  • Which question will you never answer yes to? (answer: are you asleep yet?)
  • It has glass frames, there are curtains in it (answer: window).

Logic puzzles to think about

Logic puzzles can be a great idea for games that develop children’s intelligence. Sometimes the word game is the hardest. The answers are usually obvious once you know them.

  • What’s in a Tornado? (answer: letter “n”)
  • A five letter word read the same from left to right and right to left (answer: kayak)
  • It has only one ear, but no head. (about: mug)
  • It has many layers, but when you discover them, you cry (answer: onion)
  • In summer it is short, in winter it is long. (about: night)
  • And so it was, the stork was pecked by a starling. Later a change came and the starling pecked the stork. After that there were two more shifts. How often has the starling been plucked? (answer: not once)
  • How many animals did Moses take to the ark? (no answer. Noah rode on the ark)
  • I always come but never come today. What am I (answer: tomorrow)
  • The place where Thursday will be before Wednesday. (about: dictionary)

math puzzles

Counting can also be fun. Learn math puzzles for older kids.

  • When Kuba was 8 years old, his brother was half his age. Now Kuba is 14 years old. How old is his brother? (in 10 years)
  • Mrs. Kowalska has 5 daughters. Each of them has a brother. How many children does Mrs. Kowalska have? (answer: 6 children – 5 daughters and 1 son)
  • If you take 2 apples from a table with 3 apples, how many apples do you have? (answer: 2 apples in your hand).
  • I am a three digit number. My second digit is 4 times the third. My first digit is 3 less than my second digit. Who am I? (response: 141)

Gollum puzzles

If we’re looking for interesting and thought-provoking puzzles, we can find them from JRR Tolkien’s book “The Hobbit, or Back and forth”. Riddles of Gollum and Bilbo may interest older children to read the entire play, which is an introduction to “The Lord of the Rings”.

Roots have not been seen by anyone, and yet this thing reaches very high, from the trees it became more beautiful, although it does not grow at all. (answer: above)

In the red stable, thirty white horses jump, stamp and jingle with fear. (answer: teeth)

He has no wings and he flaps, he has no mouth and mumbles, he has no legs and he dances, he has no teeth and he bites. (answer: wind)

A box with no hinges, key or lid, but the golden treasure inside is hidden. (answer: egg)

Guess what I see

In the meantime, if we still have many miles to go, we can alternate the fun with puzzles like: what do I see?

The nice thing is that the child finds something that will always be in sight. The rest of the family asks questions to which the toddler can only answer “Yes” or “No”. The answers lead people to ask what the child is currently seeing.

This kind of puzzle takes time and mainly involves a child for whom the journey will not be boring.

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