Weronika Rosati praises the US. Her daughter is Native American

Weronika Rosatic she never hid her fascination with the United States and Elizabeth Taylorconsidered one of the greatest American stars. True, Taylor was born in Britain, but her parents were American. Rosati wasn’t so lucky, so she had to get her daughter to become a US citizen under the so-called land law, which assumed that anyone born in the United States, automatically becomes a citizen of that country.

To avoid the embarrassing situation that her daughter could be born in Poland, Rosati spent the last weeks of her pregnancy in Los Angeles. She then boasted in “The Beauty of Life” that she “gave birth like a normal American” at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where her idol Liz Taylor had died 5 years earlier.

In her honor, Weronika named her daughter Elizabeth, then took advantage of the fact that the girl, due to her place of birth, Obtained US Citizenship, secured a restraining order for her father, Robert Śmigielski, in a US court. In the Polish court she was more reserved, so since then the actress has tried not to visit her homeland too often. In the latest interview for the weekly magazine “Wprost”, he makes no secret of his admiration for California. As he argues, life there is like an eternal vacation:

While many people equate the concept of Native Americans with the peoples of pre-colonization America, in formal terms, she made no mistake. Native Americans are also defined as all people born in the United States, regardless of their origin.

Later in the interview, Rosati discusses the beauty of the profession she has chosen. Veronica doesn’t experience it often. Still at 38 specializes in episodes. As her filmography shows, she would rather slip through the screen in a lead role production than risk being in a movie without playing household names. Thanks to this, he can boast of worldwide acquaintances:

The series “Luck” starring Dustin Hoffman was a great opportunity for the actress. She even showed her bare breasts in the bed scene with Jerry Boyle. However, the series was scrapped due to the death of three horses on the set. Rosati also starred in a scene of the second season of the popular series “True Detective”. The actress played the role a Polish prostitute who works in a luxury club for wealthy customers. He only appears in the HBO production for a few minutes, but in one scene with Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. She met Douglas and Freeman on the set of the movie “Last Vegas”, in which she played a waitress. Fortunately, Rosati assures, she is also ready for less ambitious roles. He also references another Hollywood legend:

Are you jealous of Veronica of the life of the world?

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