The best books for the summer, or what to read on vacation? Kartuzy

Are you looking for the perfect reading material for your holiday? Let us help you with this! Below we present book titles that we think are perfect for both summer vacations and long vacation evenings at home.

The best holiday reading

If you don’t know this author yet, you better catch up with the books. Carlos Ruiz Zafon is one of the most popular Spanish authors whose literary output can be found titles bordering on different literary genres, appreciated by readers around the world. In the beginning, it is worth reaching for the series that brought him the greatest fame, namely “The Cemetery of Forgotten Books”. It contains the titles “The Shadow of the Wind”, “Angel’s Game”, “The Prisoner of Heaven” and “The Labyrinth of Spirits”. This one phenomenally written, mysterious and very romantic novelswhose presented world is built around books and their extraordinary power.

The list of the best holiday reading would not be complete without at least one good thriller! We know that we will find among you fans of mysterious stories, non-obvious puzzles and surprising twists, so this time we propose something from the Polish backyard! Marcin Meller’s Red Land is the sensational debut from an author best known as a journalist and editor-in-chief of Playboy. The action of the novel is set in Africa and is set in two directions: at the end of the 20th century and to a large extent in modern times.. Two time planes correspond to the two heroes of the book – Wiktor Tilszer, a father who has the most beautiful adventure of his life, crossing a strange continent, and Marcin Tilszer, a son who returns after many years to places his father visited . Despite following in his footsteps, the man’s trail suddenly breaks off. Wiktor returns to perilous Africa to find his son. The book has garnered many positive reviews from literary critics and readers. Sure it will be loud about her!

Books transferred to the screen

Most readers will no doubt admit that there is nothing better than getting acquainted with the literary prototype of a given title first and only then with its film adaptation. But reversing this order is just as interesting! By comparing the book’s counterpart to the movie or series, we can see the story from a slightly different perspective. Check whether such a reversal of order also appeals to you! This summer vacation, grab at least one literary prototype of a title you’ve only learned on screen so far.

“Tamte dni, tamte noce” by Andre Acimana is one of the books worth checking out. The film was released in 2017 and the main characters were played by Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer. Is the a touching story about a feeling that surprised the lovers themselves and a romance that had no chance of turning into nothing else. Will forbidden love triumph? Have a look!

Another title that got loud from the movie produced by Netflix is ​​”To All The Boys I’ve Loved About” by Jenny Han. A book, like a movie, tells the story of a teenage Lara Jean, whose never-to-send love letters, written to her former objects of sighs, are stolen and… delivered to their recipients. The book is the first part of the “About Boys” series, which means you don’t have to say goodbye to the characters so quickly. The next titles of the series are “PS I still love you”, “Always and forever”, “Always and forever. Guys”. Although it is a series about teenagers, we don’t necessarily recommend it to teenagers only – this kind of storyline is the perfect guilty pleasure for everyone!

We hope you liked our list and had you reaching for at least one of the above titles. Many of them can also be found in the form of e-books and audiobooks, which are perfect for leisure travel. Have fun reading!

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