Osowa houses – neighborhood, residents, a comfortable place to live

Are you looking for a house for sale in Gdańsk Osowa? Are you curious about the climate in the district? Who are the residents? Osowa is inhabited by people of all ages – mainly families with children and the elderly. Quiet neighborhood, proximity to nature and developed infrastructure encourage you to buy a home in Osowa.

The district is about 20 km from the center. It borders Sopot and Gdynia to the north, to the south and east to the districts of Gdansk – Oliwa and Matarnia, and to the west to the municipality of Żukowo. Houses in Gdańsk Osowa dominate the development. There are few multi-family homes in the center of the district.

Who are the residents of Osowa?

Houses for sale in Gdańsk Osowa offer a wide range of offers – detached, semi-detached and semi-detached houses. The neighbors are especially important in segments with at least three homes.

Who lives in houses in Gdańsk Osowa?

In the area of ​​13.73 km², 16 182 people are registered and the population density index is 1 179 people / km², which is one of the lowest in Gdańsk (as of December 31, 2021).

In Osowa, the largest group is women aged 18 to 59 and there are slightly fewer men in the same age category. The neighborhood is also inhabited by children and people over the age of 64. People aged 60 to 64 form the smallest group.

The population of Osowa increases every year from a few dozen to several hundred. The dynamic expansion of the district, good infrastructure, proximity to greenery and the ring road ensure a comfortable quality of life. Mainly the residents of blocks of flats and apartments from different parts of Gdańsk and the Tri-City decide to move. Osowa is inhabited by, among others, people in middle and higher positions, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors and artists.

The neighborhood in new-build homes or semi-detached houses mainly consists of families with children of different ages. Modern terraced houses in Gdańsk Osowa meet the expectations of families with children and those who value spatial planning. The buildings consist of a ground floor, first floor and attic – in some investments it is possible to develop the top floor. The ground floor works well as a living room, and the first floor – a living room and bedroom. The big advantage of a terraced house is its own garden. The small space allows you to create comfortable play areas for children and relaxation for adults. At the same time, it does not require much time and resources for maintenance.

Houses in Gdańsk Osowa – Primary and Secondary Market

Osowa is a neighborhood that combines residential buildings (mainly in Osowa and Owczarnia) with manufacturing and service (Barniewice). There are also allotments. Further development plans are based on strengthening both functions. Residential buildings of varying intensity will be built in Gdańsk-Osowa, including: low-rise multi-family and small houses. The city emphasizes that it intends to implement a spatial policy aimed at different buildings, tailored to the expectations of residents with different levels of prosperity.

Houses for sale Gdańsk-Osowa are buildings of the early 90s of the twentieth century, but also modern construction that has come into use in recent years. They are distinguished by a large surface area, private parking spaces or garages and gardens. Most homes in Osowa on the secondary market are immediately ready to move in.

Among the new housing offerings in Osowa are completed investments and projects to be commissioned within the next two years.

Osowa – green, infrastructure, diversity

Why is the house in Osowa the perfect place to live for many people?

Variety of house offers for sale in Gdańsk Osowa

The buildings are dominated by single-family and multi-family homes, terraced houses and semi-detached houses. Two and three-storey blocks are also being built in the newer part of the district. In Gdańsk Osowa you will find a home that is tailored to different expectations.

Proximity to nature

The neighborhood is conducive to outdoor time and activities for people of all ages. Osowa is close to the Tri-City Landscape Park and the Lakes – Wysocki and Osowski. Residents of houses in Gdańsk Osowa appreciate the proximity and diversity of green areas.

Developed infrastructure

Gdańsk-Osowa attracts visitors with its developed communication, educational, service and commercial infrastructure. The Tricity Beltway runs through the district and bus lines – 169, 171, 179, 210, 269. There are also train stations – connections to Gdynia Główna. In addition to local stores, there are several large format stores. Residents also enjoy shopping at the Czerwona Torebka shopping arcade and the Osowa Shopping Center.

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