OSiR – Action Summer 2022 report

From June 27 to July 20, 2022, classes for children were held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as part of the Summer Action at the Sports and Recreation Center at ul. Białogorska 28
in Bogatynia. 118 participants were enrolled, of which about 80 children attended systematically and very willingly. The whole action was supervised by a team of qualified teachers who gave lessons from Monday to Wednesday and encouraged children to actively participate in various interesting projects.

As part of the lessons, taking advantage of the weather in the first week, the children played together and integrated with their peers from other schools. They participated in sports competitions, learned the rules of fair play and developed their passions, which had a very positive effect on their fitness and health. There were games of “dodgeball”, football, as well as rowing races. After intensive training in safety in public places, the group and its guards went to the Fan Park – Babylon Liberec amusement park, where they spent their time in an interesting, very attractive and active way.

The second week started with the arrival of OSP Bogatynia for the Summer Promotion. The children learned and consolidated the knowledge they had learned about dealing with the fire. Firefighters presented a fire truck and invited children to play with water. The participants also learned interesting facts about the work of a firefighter. There was a competition with the use of a fire hose and other equipment. A nice extra this week of classes was the opportunity to have fun, jump and other variety on the so-called inflatable boats that visited our facility especially for children, and the cotton candy satisfied many small taste buds, giving the participants in the action more power for recreational pleasure. Medical care was an important part of the whole enterprise and was irreplaceable, especially during recreational and physical games. Sports, team building games and animations were a regular part of the daily meetings.

The next – third week of the Summer Action was also very attractive to children, we started it by going to the cinema of Bogatynia to watch the movie “Operation Mummy”. The Norwegian detective production for the youngest viewers was based on the book “Operation Mummy” by Horst von Lier. The story of two children – detectives looking for a solution to the mysterious mysteries of the curse of the ancient mummy of Tutankhamun was very attractive. All children also learned about the influence of drugs on health, in the context of addiction prevention they listened to presentations and made posters. The issues of legal highs, cigarettes and addictive substances and their impact on the human body and the risks they pose were discussed. The contemporary problem of phonoholism was mentioned. Integration games such as “The Well” or “Liar” and “Guess who it is” complemented the time to get to know and spend the day in an attractive way. The group participated in sports and general development competitions with elements of short runs and strengthening and stretching exercises. The children played basketball and soccer, improved their agility and speed, and they liked to play dodgeball. Chalk drawings and educational games made the meetings even more attractive and integrated their peers.

The last, fourth week was also very attractive, apart from playing the kids had the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games of five competitions including: floorball, ball throw, long jump, time trial, ball jump. At the end, each participant received a delicious pizza, which he ate with taste. Horseback riding was another attraction for the group of children, the participants had the chance to get acquainted with the breeds of dogs, rabbits and horses of the “Nerina” Ranch in Dłużyn Dln. Ice-cacti for all participants in the action were an additional prize. On the last day, during the games with animator Gabarka and Marcin Woroniecki, the mayor of Bogatynia, Mr. Wojciech Dobrołowicz, visited us with a surprise and gave each of the participants a small gift. To conclude, colorful holi powders were launched and with this accent we said goodbye to the children and invited them to next year’s edition of the Summer Action.

On July 21 and 22, we organized trips to the Fan-Park in Liberec for children from the villages of the Bogatynia municipality. A lot of joy, a lot of fun and above all the power of positive emotions could prove that the trips were a hit.

The whole month passed in a nice, friendly and friendly atmosphere, new acquaintances and friendships were born among the children, witness the many smiling faces.

group supervisors:

Klaudia Gonera, Agata Połoczańska-Łudzeń, Maja Czarniecka, Katarzyna Solecka, Kacper Puda, Kinga Marciniak, Jolanta Taranek

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