In which situations is roadside assistance useful?

The car refused to obey you during the trip? Has an accident happened? You are entitled to roadside assistance. See in which situations you should make the right call.

What is roadside assistance?

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Roadside assistance is a service that you can use in many different circumstances. It mainly consists of securing your vehicle and taking it safely to the repair point (or any other address you specify). If it turns out after arrival that the defect is not serious, the road authority can of course try to fix it on the spot. A professional company, such as Maciej Prosiński Road Assistance, is equipped with all the necessary equipment, allowing the basic repair and transportation of vehicles of various types.

The most common car breakdown

During the journey, both our car and our motorbike can have a completely sudden, unexpected failure that makes it impossible to continue the journey. With many different malfunctions, any previous symptoms can be very delicate, which is why – especially for inexperienced drivers – it is often difficult to recognize them. Of course, it can also happen on the road – like a flat tire. The most common types of roadside assistance are:

  • engine failure
  • cooling system overheating
  • fluid leakage (fuel, brake fluid, oil)
  • brake defective
  • gearbox problems
  • broken transmission

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In each of the aforementioned breakdowns, it is worthwhile to call in specialists who provide roadside assistance.

Of course – the car must be properly secured until their arrival. So drive the car to the side of the road (at the nearest safe place) and put on a reflective vest. Then set up warning triangles. It should be remembered that the position in which we should place the warning triangle largely depends on the location of the incident. In built-up areas, place this on the vehicle (minimum 1 meter height), or a few steps behind it. Outside the built-up area, we place the triangle at a distance of about 30-50 meters from the car, while we are on a highway or motorway – at least 100 meters from the car.

In which situations to call roadside assistance?

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We must call in roadside assistance if we cannot resolve the defect ourselves. Even if it turns out to be insignificant, the help of specialists will ensure that it is removed and further transported safely. However, malfunctions in the engine, the brake or the electrical system in particular require urgent roadside assistance.

Whether the towage service is carried out or whether a tow truck arrives on site depends, among other things, on the type of malfunction. For example, in the event of a brake system failure, traditional towing is precluded – the towed vehicle was unable to stop (not even before the intersection), which would lead to a collision with the towing vehicle.

Do I always have to call in roadside assistance?

In the event that our vehicle breaks down, we must first assess the progress ourselves. Maybe we can fix it ourselves? For example, if a blown fuse is responsible for the malfunction, it is often possible to replace it yourself. We must not forget that calling roadside assistance also entails costs.

It is also possible that the car computer warns us that the oil level in the vehicle is too low. In such a situation, we must carefully check that there is no loss due to a serious leak. However, if no major oil leakage occurs, it is sufficient to simply purchase the appropriate engine oil for our vehicle and top up the level. Before doing this, of course, you should wait for a while for the vehicle’s engine to cool down a bit.

Many breakdowns can be prevented by regular inspections of the technical condition of the vehicle – even if this is not required by law. Vehicle inspection by a mechanic will reveal any issues with the engine, engine system, steering system or fuses and allow for a quick and inexpensive replacement or repair.

In what situations is it necessary to call a tow truck?

It is possible that the fault cannot be repaired on site, neither by us nor by a representative of the roadside assistance. An accident or traffic accident may also occur on the route. In many cases of this type it is necessary to transport the vehicle to the repair point – the basic method is transport with a specialized tow truck. We must not forget that even seemingly minor damage can be a dangerous problem – both for us and for other road users.

A few instances where you should call a tow truck include:

  • damage to the vehicle lighting – in accordance with the regulations in force, it is prohibited to drive vehicles without work lighting. If the lights are not working properly (for example after a collision), the police have the right to confiscate our registration certificate – and we have to call a tow truck on the spot.
  • detachment of the bumper – by law you are not allowed to drive a vehicle with a loose bumper on the road – after all, it can come loose at any time. This is because it poses a danger to other road users.
  • failure of the braking or steering system – a very dangerous situation is also a defect in the braking or steering system. It prevents a further, safe journey. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to contact the roadside assistance company for the delivery of the tow truck

These are, of course, just some of the situations where it is necessary to engage a tow truck.


If you want to be sure that your vehicle breaks down in a correct and professional manner – choose a company Maciej Prosiński roadside assistance. We guarantee immediate delivery of the service and 24/7 availability of assistance. We also offer you the option to tow the vehicle under the liability insurance of the person who caused the traffic accident. So don’t hesitate and contact us for more information about our services!

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