Summer at the Atelier Theater. After the premiere and before the premiere

The season started with the play “Zone Zero”. The story is set in an apartment in New York, right after the attack on the World Trade Center. Here’s Abby and Ben. Miraculously, they avoided the tragedy, as they would rather jump into bed that day than go to work. The passion that connects them builds a relationship. Complicated? Unusual. She wants love, he has a family. She wants a loving statement, he’s torn, he can’t, or rather doesn’t want to decide to part with his wife, doesn’t want to make a choice. The current arrangement suits him, although it is becoming increasingly oppressive. And, as it usually goes, when someone throws so hopelessly, fate steps in and helps to make a decision. You can’t escape anymore. This was the situation for Ben. There is a chance for change. Ben can take advantage of the situation created by the attack on the WTC and fake his own death, then start his life all over again. This is his zero zone. The point where everything can begin and end.

It’s not a play about terrorism and politics, but more about the war we wage with those we would love,” Neil La Bute said of his drama. Because the attack on the WTC is not at the center of the story, even though the play was premiered at the theater in Częstochowa a year ago on the anniversary of the New York tragedy. The attack is a result of this impatience of fate. It lets you choose. Utilities. Straight away. Can not wait anymore. Now is the time to decide. Without it, you cannot go back or forward.

Director André Ochodlo slowly builds up the atmosphere. There is intimate light, sensual music by Adam Żuchowski. But this peace is only the calm before the storm. Because the actors give us a festival of emotions. Tenderness and hatred, kindness and disgust, aggression and sensitivity, pride and humility, despair and joy, love and… Love?

As Abby and Ben, two actors from the Teatr im. Adam Mickiewicz in Czestochowa. The sensual, delicate Abby Teresa Dzielska is determined and tired of the situation. The actress builds up her role neatly, comes into situations sensitively, plays interesting, not easy, emotional undertones. Adam Machalica keeps the right stories on suspense, his Ben is not complicated, he struggles with his feelings, he doesn’t know what he wants, he runs off into sex, after which he feels empty, what now?

The director gently leads the actors, does not load with ideas, does not complicate meanings and does not provide us with psychoanalysis. It’s an ordinary story about people taken by fate. After all, everyone has their own WTC, their war.

What’s on in the Atelier Theater in the coming days?

The concert “Polish Hebrew Tangoes” promises to be interesting. (July 17, 7.30 p.m.). On stage: Jan Emil Młynarski and Noam Zylberberg, who will presentand five Polish tangos of Jewish origin, but tell me?and also stories of some popular pre-war songs and ludwith and by whom they are made. The concert starts this year series of international meetingsn from cultureand Jewish. As part of this cycle July 18 at 17 Inworkshops T.aca ANDIsrael, which will be led by Aliciayand Stark. The organizers encourageand: “Would you like to get acquainted with Jewish tradition and culture through dance? Do you feel the closeness and joy of a relationship with another person after the lockdown? Then Israeli dancing is a good idea. Usually danced in a circle, it brings people together regardless of age or dance skills. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself and share your emotions.”

On the same day at 19, the three-day Hebrew language workshops will begin led by Ewa Soroczyńska from municipalitiesYes confessionsHi Jewishiej in Gdansk. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the Hebrew alphabet and the spelling of vowels.

And on Wednesday, July 20 at 7.30 pm dress rehearsal for sundayand Prime Ministerand (July 24, 7.30 p.m.) “shalom”, on the spot André Ochodlo & The Klezmer Company.

– This year, in the shadow of war we will hear completely new songs – announces Andre Ochodlo. – After all, Shalom is a prayer for peace. Shalom is peace. We have added some prayers in Yiddish to the program. Can’t be otherwise.

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