Storm over Poland! 2,127 interventions by firefighters

In connection with the storm front that crossed Poland, firefighters have registered 2,127 interventions – the spokesman for the chief commander of the state fire brigade told PAP on Sunday morning. Karol Kierzkowski. Unfortunately, two people were killed in the incidents.

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According to the press spokesperson of the commander-in-chief of the State Fire Service, the firefighters in the province intervened the most. Małopolskie (1244), Mazowieckie (332), Subcarpathian (147) and Łódzkie (145).

Firefighters received nearly 150 reports of damaged buildings, including 100 in the province. Lesser Poland

– said Kierzkowski.

Unfortunately, the incidents killed two people and injured one person

– informed the spokesman.

As he explained, in Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, in the village of Biały Kościół, a tree fell for a 70-year-old girl. The woman died. On the other hand, in Podkarpackie Province (Rzeszów Province), a tree fell on a passenger car. As a result of the incident, one person died and one was injured.

Consequences of the storm over Małopolska

Injured firefighters, broken branches, damaged houses and cars, uprooted trees – these are the consequences of the storm that swept over Małopolska in the past 24 hours. The services in the region intervened 1366 times, the worst was in Kraków and the Kraków.

Intervention in the capital of Małopolska and the area there were 827 in Kraków; firefighters also had a lot of work in the poviats Tarnowski, Brest and Wieliczka.

Our work mainly involved the removal of hundreds or even thousands of fallen, broken tree branches. As a windfall, we have recorded over 700 reports

– PAP told the spokesman of the Małopolska Guard, Junior Brig. Sebastian Woźniak.

Vehicles were also damaged – about 100 such reports were received.

Broken tree branches, bits of sheet metal and advertising banners fell on parked cars

– reports the spokesperson.

Photo PAP / Łukasz Gągulski

About 200 interventions involved the destruction of buildings – cracked metal sheets and damaged roof tiles on residential and farm buildings. About 30 roofs were completely destroyed by a severe storm.

A few buildings with broken roofs are located on ul. Tyniecka in Kraków, because the wind there was quite strong and uprooted trees. Fortunately, no one was directly injured as a result of these events

– said the spokesman.

Firefighters from the Gorlicki area – one broke his leg removing a fallen tree, two others were stung by wasps when they found a nest in the ground during the intervention. The life and health of firefighters is not at risk, the spokesman said.

Despite the improvement in the weather, the services are still on standby. From midnight to the morning they received about 30 reports, which, however, related to the effects of the previous storm.

Interventions in Silesia

Silesian firefighters intervened nearly 70 times because of the high winds and heavy rainfall that swept the region last night. The reports related to fallen trees and local flooding, and several roofs were slightly damaged.

There were no more serious incidents or casualties – they were handed over by the emergency services of the Silesian Voivode and the fire service.

In connection with the warnings of the IMGW, on the territory of the Śląskie Voivodeship, KW of the state fire brigade registered 69 atmospheric interventions. No injuries have been recorded

– reported the Provincial Crisis Management Center in Katowice Sunday morning.

The duty officer of the provincial headquarters of the state fire brigade in Katowice stated that 49 interventions were related to high winds and 20 to local flooding. “We had two slightly damaged roofs of apartment buildings, of which several roof tiles fell, and one roof on the outbuilding was slightly damaged,” said the firefighter.

The fire service had the highest number of reports in the Tarnowskie Góry district (15), as well as in Częstochowa, Częstochowa (9) and Pszczyna (9). These included localized flooding, flooded basements, fallen trees and branches.

No electricity in Podkarpacie

After the last 24 hours of storms over the Podkarpacie region, 4,875 customers are without electricity. Most of them are in the vicinity of Leżajsk, Mielec, Stalowa Wola, Rzeszów and Krosno – PAP informed on Sunday from the Voivodship Crisis Management Center in Rzeszów.

In total, firefighters intervened 153 times in connection with the storms that swept through the province on Saturday evening and overnight.

The highest number of interventions was in the following poviats: Jasielski (28 interventions), Niski (26) and Ropczycko-Sędziszowski (16).

Actions mainly involved the removal of fallen trees from streets and transmission lines

– said the WCZK on duty.

In five cases, the roof of residential buildings was damaged, and in three cases – on commercial buildings.

As the Podkarpacie fire brigade informed on Saturday, a 39-year-old motorist has died as a result of a tree falling over a moving car.

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